Dangerous Flaw Found In Protective Playground Mats.

29 07 2007

New York, NY – You may not realize it, but at your favorite local playground there may be an unlikely hidden danger that can send your children to the emergency room: rubber mats designed to actually protect children when they fall.

While the mats can cushion a fall, they become incredibly dangerous on hot days when the blistering sun causes the mats’ temperatures to rise to nightmarish levels.

To give you an idea as to just how much hotter these mats become, CBS 2 used today’s temperatures as an example. Outside at the playground, the temperature was 86 degrees, while the temperature of the concrete pavement read 100 degrees. Take a few steps back on the mat, however, and the temperature climbs to an astounding 134 degrees.

Any contact with the surface that’s over 120 degrees can burn the skin in a matter of minutes. Once you approach 140 degrees it can be a matter of seconds,” says Dr. Adam Vella of Mt. Sinai Hospital. “You have to be aware of the temperature of the surface.” [wcbstv]




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