New Device Aims To Stop Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars

30 07 2007

Your car has a sensor that tells you when you’ve left the headlights on or the keys in the ignition. It probably has another reminding you and your passengers to buckle your seat belts, and still another that sounds when the door is ajar. Some cars even to tell you when the tires need inflating.But so far, there’s no standard equipment to tell you that you’ve left a child in the back seat of a hot car. [AP]

A company called BabyAlert aims to change this with their new product called “The Child Minder® system.” This system alerts the driver when he or she walks 10 feet away from the car with a baby still strapped in the car seat.

According to popular news blog The Yeshiva World, this product is now available at a special price of $49 for the Frum Olam, with additional discounts possibly available for Bnei Yeshiva. Please call 732-905-0654 for additional details. [PCJN Staff]




One response

14 08 2007

you shouldn’t be a horse’s rear end and leave your child in a car. this item is for bad and careless parents.

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