Passaic, NJ – Jewish Community Looking to Buy Old Hospital Site

30 07 2007

Passic, NJ – St. Mary’s Hospital is negotiating with a developer to turn its former facility at 211 Pennington Ave. into apartments with a potential for retail shops as well, said Robert Iannaccone, the hospital’s chief operating officer.The hospital moved most of its operations from its site at 211 Pennington Ave. to the former PBI Regional Medical Center in March.
“The views are beautiful,” said Iannaccone. “Above the second floor, you can look over the Meadowlands at the New York City skyline.”

It’s unclear who would buy the hospital, though several sources suggest it is likely to be someone in, or representing, the city’s Orthodox Jewish community. St. Mary’s Hospital, sits near the heart of the Orthodox Jewish community, often loosely defined as Passaic Park.
The hospital’s asking price, according to the Request for Proposal filed with the city of Passaic, is $27 million. [northjersey]




3 responses

30 07 2007
real estate

Actual worth is probably like 7 million. Another case of St. Mary’s being out of touch with reality.

30 07 2007

“someone in, or representing, the city’s Orthodox Jewish community”
Who can say they represent our community?

30 07 2007

Its kind of amazing that now we have people representing our whole community I wonder who that might be.

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