Baby Locked Inside Car

1 08 2007

Passaic, NJ – A baby is accidentally locked inside a minivan at 200 Main Avenue in front of Kosher Konnection Supermarket. The mother is crying outside the car in a Panic. Hatzolah is responding with lockout tools.

Update: Hatzolah unlocked the minivan. Passaic Police are now bothering a woman who stopped to help, for being double parked.

Update 2: We have confirmed that the police did ticket the woman who stopped to help.




10 responses

1 08 2007

I saw it happen. I couldn’t believe the chutzpah that he actually gave her a ticket.

1 08 2007

It’s nice to see the Passaic police have nothing better to do with their time than ticket someone who stops to help, and tow cars that are not moved exactly on time.

1 08 2007

The officer actually gave her a ticket. Yitzchak, You should update the information.

[PCNJ Note: Done, thank you.]

1 08 2007
Passaic county 48

Why is the Passaic police in the news everyday for ticketing something or somebody that they should not be ticketing. It’s crazy already we should be putting up petitions to stop this police abuse.

1 08 2007

While I did not see the police, I was at Kosher Konnection at the time. I would like to know who the cop is. I had an upleasant situation regarding double standing a couple years ago and I do not think the ticket was justifiable either.

1 08 2007

Does any one have the name of the person that was ticketed?

2 08 2007
Menachem G.

Hatzalah keep up the great work. Hashem will pay you back one day. Two minutes to open a car door in todays day is unheard of. I went to Great Adventures to weeks ago I locked my keys in my car it took the police 25 minutes to open it.

2 08 2007
Passaic Jew

Scary, thank G-D the baby is ok.

3 08 2007

My wife was the one who received the ticket. The cop gave the famous line “I already started writing the ticket so there is nothing that I can do”.

16 07 2008

this is such a stupid web site. why don’t you report on the idiot that left the child inside her van for 3 hours .
I guess anything that might bring “shame frummie world is not worth mentioning”

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