Minneapolis, MN – Major Bridge Collapse, Deaths reported

1 08 2007

A massive freeway bridge has collapsed into the Mississippi River near Minneapolis in the US, with reports of two dead.

According to reports, at least eight cars fell into the river and at least two people are dead.

The bridge, the 35W four-lane state highway which connects the University of Minnesota with downtown Minneapolis, collapsed about 6.05pm, during the evening rush hour.

Tons of concrete have collapsed and people are injured. Survivors are being carried up the riverbank.

Some people are stranded on parts of the bridge that aren’t completely in the water.

Over the past several months the bridge was being repaired, with workers closing a lane or two at a time.

Update ; 20:01 Truck sliced in half

The road was carrying bumper to bumper traffic when the 500-foot (160 metre) steel arch bridge collapsed. The bridge, built in 1967, was 64 feet above the river.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation told local media that 200,000 cars a day use the bridge.

Local media said a school bus taking children back to the city from a field trip was among the vehicles that were involved.

Aerial footage of the collapse shows cars and other vehicles strewn across the collapsed bridge.

At least three sections of the bridge have collapsed into the river and a fourth section was in danger of collapse

Cars hung over the edge of the collapsed bridge, trucks were cut in two or on fire and other vehicles lay precariously on collapsed sections of the structure.

Paramedics have set up a triage clinic near the scene and at least 20 people have been taken to local hospitals.

There is no reason to think the collapse of a freeway bridge in Minneapolis was terror-related, the Department of Homeland Security said.

Update: 20:30 A 3rd person confirmed dead.
Update: 06:30 At least 9 people dead and at least 20 missing




2 responses

2 08 2007
Passaic Jew

Does any one know if any frum people were involved?

16 01 2008


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