Three out of Four Jewish births in the UK are Charedi

3 08 2007

Charedim (sometimes also called “ultra orthodox Jews”) are set to account for a majority of Jews in the UK and US by the second half of the century, according to new research by a British academic. University of Manchester historian Dr. Yaakov Wise says the increase in Britain’s ultra-religious Jewry has now reversed the decline in the overall Jewish population, which he says has been shrinking by 1 to 2 percent per year since the 1950s.

According to Wise, Europe’s haredi population is growing more rapidly than at any time since before WWII. Almost three out of every four British Jewish births, he says, are ultra-Orthodox, and the community now accounts for around 45,500, or 17 percent, of a total UK Jewish population of around 275,000.

“If current trends continue there is going to be a profound cultural and political change among British and American Jews, and it’s already well on the way,” Wise says. “This is in spite of demographic studies which show that the non-ultra-Orthodox Jewish population is flat or falling.” [Jpost]




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