Car In Flames on Route 21 in Clifton, Possible Drunk Driver Involved.

5 08 2007

File Photo of a Car Fire

Clifton, NJ – A car with three Jewish teenagers from Fair Lawn got a flat tire on Route 21 right under the Route 3 underpass. They put on their blinkers, got out of their car, and were attempting to change the tire, when the car was rear ended by another vehicle traveling at a very high rate of speed. Their car was thrown, and reportedly rolled over from the force of the collision.The boy who was actually jacking up the car was thrown and lost consciousness. The two other boys who were helping with the car were also injured.The car began to smoke, and the boys, with great difficulty, got away from the car moments before it burst into flames, that reportedly went as high as the Route 3 overpass that was above it.Hatzolah, Clifton EMS, Clifton Fire Department, N.J. State police, and MONOC ALS all responded.The police reportedly asked driver of the car that crashed into the stopped car if he had had anything to drink, to which he allegedly replied, “not much, just a few beers.”Hatzolah transported the three teenagers, one with serious injuries, to Hackensack Hospital, while Clifton EMS transported the driver of the car to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson. [PCJN Staff]Safety Note: if your tire blows out on the highway, please try to drive slowly on the rim to a safe location to change it. Changing tires in the middle of a busy highway can be deadly.




4 responses

5 08 2007
Passaic County Sherrif

What a kiddush Hashem has anyone ever seen 2 agency’s get along as well as Hatzolah and the Clifton Fire Dept.

5 08 2007

Are the police pressing charges? Is the seriously injured person okay?

6 08 2007

Great job and Kiddush Hashem by all units on the scene.

27 02 2008


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