Passaic City Council Meeting.

7 08 2007

There will be a Passaic City Council meeting tonight, August 7, 2007 at 7:00 pm, at City Hall – 330 Passaic St.

City Council meetings are always open to the public. In addition, at these meetings, members of the public are invited to speak about anything they’d like, and address the council or the mayor for up to 5 minutes.

Come, and let your voice be heard!



5 responses

7 08 2007

Thanx for letting us know. Great site you have for us.

7 08 2007

All Passaic residents should come and voice your opinion. If people show up it would show that people care.

7 08 2007

Voting these crooks out of office will show that we care. Speaking up in public can get you harassed as had happened to residents in Passaic. Someone last week dissed the Mayor and a few hours later he had a surprise visit from the fire marshals to inspect his house, there was never a reason for it. Speak up at your own risk.

7 08 2007

Please provide link from here to

[PCNJ Note: Done.]

8 08 2007
also fed up with our council members

Last election should have raised a lot of red flags to the current board. When a new person gets elected, it means we are fed up with all the incumbents and any new face has to be better than what is currently in there. I for one am not voting for any of the incumbents. I sick and tired of paying a tax increase every quarter. I have paid well over 30% more in property taxes since I moved into my current house, on a fixed income. If they are paying any attention to the mortgage and real estate market they should think twice before they start giving themselves full time perks for a part time job, and that job is to minimize spending not increase it.

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