DOT plans revamp at Routes 3 and 21 in 2009

8 08 2007

Rutherford, NJ – Since January, Bob Shafer has had at least 20 close calls with incoming traffic where the Route 21 north ramp meets Route 3 east just before the bridge connecting Clifton and Rutherford.

“It’s a tragedy waiting to happen,” Shafer, a borough resident who uses the thoroughfare several times a day, said recently. “Some day, somebody is going to get killed there.”

Meanwhile, the state Department of Transportation plans to address how vehicles merge from Route 21 north onto Route 3 as part of the Passaic River Crossing Project, scheduled to begin in 2009, said agency spokesman Tim Greeley.

The project, now in the design phase with an estimated construction cost of $140 million, includes replacing the bridge over the Passaic River with a new one

“These lanes will be physically separated from the Route 3 mainline traffic and the length of the acceleration lane onto Route 3 eastbound will be significantly increased and brought up to the current standard,” Greeley said. “These improvements will both reduce congestion and improve safety.”



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