Troopers searching for armed men find soldiers

12 08 2007

SOUTH BRUNSWICK — State police responding to a report of a school bus driving down the New Jersey Turnpike with armed men found out the report was correct – sort of.

“The bus turned out to be a military transport with about 20 soldiers,” said New Jersey Turnpike Authority spokesman Joe Orlando.

A motorist on the Turnpike called law enforcement at about 10 a.m. on Saturday to report a bus, with men armed with firearms inside, driving south down the Turnpike in the Edison area.

The Turnpike Authority started searching camera feeds on the highway to try and locate the bus. State police positioned troopers to intercept the bus.

When state police finally pulled over the yellow bus in South Brunswick near Interchange 8A about a half an hour after the initial report, they found soldiers en route to Fort Dix.

The original caller, according to Orlando, had seemed serious in making the report, even giving authorities descriptions of where the bus was until the bus was no longer in sight.

“It’s just that the person wasn’t observant and didn’t take the whole picture into account,” Orlando said.

“We want people to call these things in,” Orlando added.




2 responses

14 08 2007

Help there are people with big guns.

Did you notice if they were wearring army uniforms? Did they say US Army by any chance?

14 08 2007

this is funny, what an idiot. this should make the “strange but true” section of monday’s herald news.

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