HUD Funds For City of Passaic.

14 08 2007

PASSAIC, NJ – The city will receive more than $2.1 million in federal funding to fix city streets, aid the homeless and elderly, renovate old buildings, and help first-time home buyers.

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the annual Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnerships awards Tuesday. Passaic received $1.2 million and an additional $929,929, respectively.

The awards represent at least four years of steady decline in federal funding for the city’s two largest grant programs. The CDBG award reflects a $200,000 decrease over that time. In 2004, the city received $1.4 million, compared with this year’s $1.2 million. HOME funding decreased this year by $2,320.

City Community Development Director Ron Van Rensalier said that because of cuts over the past four years, the city has denied many applicants for the grant money.

“The city has been creative with regard to allocating these funds because we have been receiving cuts, coupled with an increase in requests,” he said.

A large chunk of the federal grant, $659,631 will be spent on street and sewer improvements on Howe and Lincoln avenues. Another $233,094 will go toward the city’s administration of the programs.

The rest of the funding was divvied up among city departments and city-based agencies. Some of those include:

The Department of Recreation received $100,634 for its Summer Youth Employment Program and the city’s football, cheerleading and softball programs. Money also will go toward rehabilitating various playgrounds throughout the city, according to the 2007 CDBG budget. The Division of Senior Affairs was awarded $45,198 for its Home Services Aide and Senior Citizen Disabled programs. As a result of the federal funding cuts, the city has struggled to maintain some programs, and the directors of several city-based agencies and departments said Wednesday that they have felt the brunt of such cuts.

Jane Grubin, the city’s human services director, said that over the past several years, her department has felt the pinch.

“Either I have to get rid of programs or we have to figure out a way we are going to continue to have a program on a limited basis,” she said.

Ed Lyons, director of the United Passaic Organization, which received $4,500 for its homeless assistance program, said diminished funding has forced him to scale down programs. “It just decreases the number of persons that you can serve.”

Van Rensalier said the HOME program, which helps first-time homeowners with things such as down payments and closing costs, will be reinstated this year.

In November, the city canceled the HOME program for first-time owners and redirected funds to aid more than 300 families who lost their federal vouchers for rent subsidy under the city housing authority’s Housing Choice Voucher program, commonly known as “Section 8.” Van Rensalier said he did not know just when the city would be accepting applications again.



6 responses

14 08 2007

Let’s see how the city will mismanage these funds. Maybe free housing for the elected officials?

14 08 2007

aid the homeless and elderly,

that i would like to see, the homeless problem in passaic is rampant. the city refuses to open a homeless shelter with a silly and unfounded excuse that it will draw homeless from other cities.

14 08 2007

Am I missing something here? $233,094 for ADMINISTRATION of the programs? I wonder whose pocket that’s going into.

6 09 2007
Monique Bell

You know HUD is full of it they will take you off of section 8 and people becomes homeless and have to live with other people when you have kids its hard they should have a heart to give people warning about there rent if it happens more than one time. I know the lady she was on section 8 and they through her off and she was on section 8 for 20 year everybody goes through hard times but to section 8 through her off now she is going from house to house and she its on disabilty on a fix income is that hard all what.

7 02 2008
V. R. Jr.

Now lets see I live in Passaic and Have seen worse streets in Passaic that need street repairs. So we need to fix Howe Ave and Lincoln Ave since these streets are so well traveled, boy and it will take over $600,000 to fix these two small streets in Passaic. Wow, I wonder were that money went can we say more corruption.

More money for the crooked Passaic to mismanage and use it for things that are not needed. Let see them spend $100 on a shovel, $80 for a hammer while the administration skims the left over into their pockets.

What a joke $233,094 to administrate these programs in the city. In other words how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? I give you the City of Passaic, it takes all the crooks in charge to screw it in, and screw every single one of us. Passaic Politics at their best.

This article was as good as me learning the City of Passaic Police Dept. now has a SWAT team or the official name ERT (Emergency Response Team) because Passaic has such a high threat we need officers with machine guns on the street. There we go mismanaging that money again our tax dollar paying cops to go play RAMBO at a range instead of patrolling the streets. What do you expect when Sammy is in charge he had to give his son a place to be able to be in charge so he can keep that rank. I hate this city and all their crap.

20 08 2009
a black man

where i guess no more money for the poor black and the poor white in passaic i guess the mexican will get it all. i will tell who i am but you no the police in passaic like beating on black people.if you want to beat someone go to the homedepot and remove all the mexican at the homedepot. if black and white was at the homedepot you will remove them.

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