IDT’s Net2Phone Offers 3 Months of Free VOIP Service for Switching to them.

14 08 2007


Internet phone provider Net2Phone Inc. said Monday that customers who use other companies’ Voice over Internet Protocol service will get three months of service free if they switch to Net2Phone.

The offer from Net2Phone, a subsidiary of Newark’s IDT Corp., comes on the heels of last month’s flameout of SunRocket. The Vienna, Va.-based VoIP provider abruptly shut down, owing millions of dollars to creditors and leaving 200,000 phone customers without service.

VoIP is phone service that operates over a broadband Internet connection. Companies that sell VoIP service typically offer a cheap, flat rate, although customers must pay separately for their Internet service. Many of the providers, including Holmdel-based Vonage Holdings Corp., have grown in popularity over the past five years but have struggled financially.

Net2Phone, one of the industry’s pioneers, was swallowed by parent IDT in a 2006 restructuring. Last month, the company offered to honor certain SunRocket customer contracts.

Other VoIP providers have made overtures to SunRocket customers. Vonage, for example, is offering two months free with no activation fee and free shipping with a $24.99 per-month charge after that period.

Net2Phone’s latest offer targets any VoIP customer at any provider, and plays on the concerns customers may have in the wake of the SunRocket fiasco.

“After recent events in the VoIP industry, customers of other VoIP services may be questioning the long-term viability of their providers,” the company said Monday in a release.

Details of Net2Phone’s offer, which includes a $30 activation fee as well as a $10 shipping fee, are available at




One response

15 08 2007
Edmund Dantes Hamilton

I signed up for the Net2Phone offer. It only cost me a $1.06 because I used my existing Gizmo from Sunrocket. The only gotcha was that I had to do a complete manual reset on my router in order for the Gizmo to work with the new passwords from Net2Phone. I must admit the sound quality is superior to Vonage and Sunrocket. I also submitted paperwork to get up to 9 months of free service since I was on the annual plan.

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