NYPD Says Home-grown Terrorists a Big Threat.

15 08 2007

AP / VosIzNeias

New York, NY – Average citizens who quietly band together and adopt radical ways — not just established overseas terrorist groups like al-Qaida — pose a serious threat to American security, a new police analysis has concluded.

The New York Police Department report, to be released later today, describes a radicalization process in which young Muslim immigrants, frustrated with their lives in their adopted country, slowly adopt a philosophy that puts them on the path to jihad. The men meet and share ideas not only in mosques, but in bookstores and over the Internet, it says.

Police officials say the report warns that that potential terrorists are difficult for law enforcement to detect because they blend in well with society.

The study, titled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat” is based on an analysis of the security risks exposed in criminal cases Lackawanna, N.Y., Portland, Ore. and Virginia, as well as plots in Hamburg, Madrid and Toronto.

The findings were to be presented at a briefing at police headquarters for private security executives.




2 responses

15 08 2007

I hope all the left wing liberal democrats read this article.

29 08 2007

Unfortunately, many Moslem and Arab groups dismissed the story as “inflammatory.” It seems to me that they ought to confront the problems in their own ranks instead of being in denial.

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