Passaic’s Jewish Community Targeted in Ticket Blitz

16 08 2007

Reader Submitted Article

shame shame shamePassaic, NJ – The Jewish community is being targeted with frivolous tickets.

Why the Jewish community? Because they know we’re easy to ticket. We don’t put up much of a fuss, we just politely take our undeserved ticket and go about our business. We are the city’s cash cow.

This morning, a Passaic police officer, #318, was seen circling the area in front of Kosher Konnection on Main Avenue only! He would drive down the strip of Main in front of Kosher Konnection, turn around at the Kosher Konnection Parking lot, and then turn around on Van Houten and go back. When he wasn’t driving, he kept his car parked in front of the kosher bagel shop right next door to Kosher Konnection.

This officer, #318 was observed ticketing 4 orthodox Jews in a row this morning! Is this racial profiling?


Two days ago, CBS TV exposed ( [PCNJ Note: as reported here] that the NYPD was giving out frivolous tickets in order to make their quotas. This seems to be what is happening in Passaic. As much as cities deny quotas, the article states that NYC actually admitted to having quotas in 2006.

A letter to the editor printed in the Herald two days ago (click here to view) called The City of Passaic a “Police State,” and wrote that The city of Passaic, in my opinion, gives out tickets and prosecutes cases to raise money for the city coffers, not to punish wrongdoers, or obtain justice.”

Recently there were uproars in Passaic’s Jewish community, when Police officers ticketed and tried to tow a Jewish volunteer ambulance service’s ambulance (click here for that article in The Herald), and when police officers ticketed a Jewish woman in front of Kosher Konnection for trying to help her friend with an emergency (click here for that article on PCJN).


The real question is, who hires the Police? Who runs the city?

We have 3 Jewish councilmen and one councilwoman who works for a Jewish councilman, giving the Jewish officials a clear majority on the council, and therefore, almost absolute control of the city.

Why do they not stop these abuses against the Jewish community, and against citizens of the city in general?




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16 08 2007

Why the Jewish council members don’t help us? Because they’re the cause of it. The Jewish councilmembers are there longer than the rest. They are responsible more than anyone else for policy’s in effect today.

14 02 2008


27 02 2008
David Rubin

I was recently towed for a violation of alternate side parking. I don’t mind paying the fine because it was legitimate. However, I do take great umbrage at having my vehicle towed. I feel that if someone is a scofflaw, by all means tow the vehicle, and if not the ticket should suffice. Not only is an increased economic burden placed on the individual taxpayer but the time and effort expended in getting the vehicle back can be very stressful. I say shame on the City of Passaic. Change the rules now.

25 11 2008

I think passaic is full of crap.. all they want is ppls money.

2 03 2009

Officer #413 is a disgrace to our city and should be removed immediately. This officer not only unfairly targeting the Jewish Community and all that reside in 3rd ward, this officer is rude, abrasive and hostile. This officer has targeted third ward residents especially the Jewish Community without regard for anyone!….This officer should be removed from duty immediately if not sooner.

Thank You,
A concerned resident.

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