Designer Succahs

22 08 2007

For people who appreciate something unique and creative, Designer Succas offer a new way to make this beautiful mitzvah still more beautiful – and to double this mitzvah as well. That is because proceeds from the succahs, available exclusively through Oorah, will help the kiruv organization make sure that every Jewish family has a succah of its own.The Mehadrin structure of the ‘Designer Succa’ satisfies all the halachic requirements of succah, while adding a brand new design dimension. There are three models to choose from: Classic, which features a formal, elegant cream-on-beige design; Kotel, which evokes the beloved holy site of the Beis Hamikdash; and Rich Embroidery, a patchwork of Judaic motifs in rich earth and jewel tones. All of the interiors feature a subtle print of the exterior design, offset by interior window flaps and all-around valances in full color.Not only is the Designer Succa unique and kosher, but it is also constructed for simple assembly and disassembly – no tools required. The lightweight, compact components can be stored anywhere.Oorah has been supplying and assembling succahs for its kiruv families for decades. Designer Succas create a new way to fund this growing, high-impact program, and they bring the Jewish community an exciting new way to add a little extra simcha to  z’man simchaseinu.For more information please click HERE to visit our website at or call 1-877-2-SUCCAH.




One response

27 08 2007

I was just by Oorah’s office last week and saw the succas were up – they really looked beautiful – I’d love to get one this year! 🙂

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