Nor’easter cost borough $426,000

23 08 2007

LITTLE FALLS — April’s nor’easter and the flooding that followed cost the township more than $426,000, according to records submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Overtime and equipment for the police and fire departments cost more than $52,000. Repairing damaged roads, storm water sewers, Zuchorsky Park and catch basins accounted for another $39,000.

Fred Batelli, the township’s Office of Emergency Management coordinator, said although FEMA didn’t reimburse Little Falls for its flood in April 2005, the federal agency would do so for this one.

“We were lucky this time,” Batelli said Wednesday. “We haven’t received anything yet. It should be coming within the next month or so.”

April’s nor’easter caused the Passaic River to overflow its banks, sending waist-deep water onto township streets, and affected some 400 homes.

In Totowa, Allen Del Vecchio, the borough’s Office of Emergency Management coordinator, said its tally on municipal flood costs wouldn’t be ready until early next week.

Last week, Steve Wielkotz, West Paterson’s borough auditor, said April’s floods cost the town $255,000 — about half of which had been reimbursed by FEMA.

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One response

24 08 2007

Homes should not be built on watershed areas. Northern NJ is noted for it, especially Little Falls, Wayne and Lincoln Park.

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