Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera, Two Councilmen, Assemblyman Arrested on Bribery Charges

6 09 2007

FBI Makes 11 Corruption Arrests In N.J.

By Jonathan Dienst, Brian Thompson and Joe Valiquette

NEW YORK — Eleven public officials were charged Thursday in a widespread FBI corruption investigation, officials said.

At least one state assemblyman, several local mayors and school board officials were arrested by FBI agents in early-morning roundups. The officials are expected to be arraigned on corruption charges in Trenton Thursday afternoon.

United States attorney Chris Christie and FBI Special Agent in Charge Weysan Dun are expected to explain the charges at a 3:30 p.m. press conference in Trenton. has learned that several of the officials were allegedly caught accepting payoffs from undercover agents in a sting operation. Others were charged as part of related corruption investigations. The accused officials served in at least three counties, including Essex, Atlantic and Passaic.

Sources told that those charged include Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera, Passaic Council members Jonathan Soto and Marcellus Jackson, Orange Mayor Mims Hackett and Passaic Assemblyman Alfred Steele.

The charges are just the latest in dozens of corruption-related arrests across New Jersey in recent years. Christie and Newark FBI Director Weysan Dun have said after terrorism investigations, public corruption remains a top priority.

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13 responses

6 09 2007
Monique Bell

For Mayor Sammy Rivera I hope he rots in jail. He is the most sorriest Mayor of Passaic I have every seen. He only do for his kind not to be racial because I’m not at all. I hope his fun is over, everything comes to a end, no more light at the end of his rainbow. I don’t know how he gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror to see a devil in the mirror, he thought he seen beauty. This was the best investigation I ever seen. I am glad someone knew what he was all about and the bad thing about it was he took some good people down with him with his promises, everthing that look good ain’t good.

6 09 2007

Is anyone really surprised?

6 09 2007

big surprise there i wonder who’s next!

8 09 2007


As a brand-spanking new resident to Passaic, this does come as a bit of a shock. Maybe not as much that a city official has been indicted on corruption charges (my wife and I come from Chicago, Land of The Backdoor Deals) but that the City of Passaic could be bought for only $5,000. That’s like the assessment on the tower downtown only coming in at $1.4 million…it’s outrageously cheap.

Passaic, from my eyes, seems to be turning a corner. But it needs to turn a few more to restore what can be seen in the architecture and history as an elegant and worthwhile place in total, not just in the Passaic Park district.

With the mayor now facing charges that will no doubt result in a sentence, now is the time for Passaic to mobilize and energize and restore itself. It’s on its way, it just needs to have the training wheels taken off and leadership that can really promote the community as a diverse and interesting place, nestled conveniently between other, more prosperous communities on the whole.

I’m hoping someone who can TRULY lead and who has all the various groups’ interests in Passaic in their initiatives comes forth to lead the city. I’d rally behind anyone who can do that and would gladly mobilize folks to support that candidate.


8 09 2007

Aside from this story, I am not Jewish but I stumbled across this website and the more and more I read I get a sickening feeling in my stomach and soul about how racist everyone is here. This is sooo sad.

11 09 2007
Proven Performer

Everyone Knows Sammy’s History, It ain’t clean

12 09 2007

Not only did he except bribes but Passaic mayor Samuel also raising our property tax ridiculously every year without any explanation at all. When I called city hall to ask for an explanation on the yearly increase I was told there was no explanation needed, taxes went up, taxes went up. Great. No wonder there are over 100 houses for sale in this small town. The taxes are crazy. I pay $8000 per year in poor old Passaic.

25 09 2007
Francisco Reynoso Jr

Didn’t he serve under UH Mayor J. Liparri ? Do You Remember KEEP PASSAIC CLEAN 25 Years ago ????? Can we get some honest people oh not in politics look what happened in Florida in the 2000 election republicans are all liars.

20 11 2007
An honest passaic cop

Come on? Remember why he left the ppd in the first place? Remember the self inflicted knife wound as a Puerto Rico Police detective to cover up a murder committed by his partner? Remember that he also RATTED his partner in P.R.?

You have no idea how his cronies forced fund raising tickets down honest hard working cops throats. All the dirty real estate deals. All the patronage jobs. All the use of Internal Affairs (R. Diaz, C. Jasonek)to intimidate honest cops. Puppet Police Chief Jarensky? The use of police promotions to put key dirty cops into positions of power.

What a man soweth, he also reapeth. Burn in hell Sammy Rivera. YOU WERE NEVER A COP!!!!!!

21 11 2007
A Fan Of Samuel Sammy Rivera

What?? Let me tell you something no one can say that they would not have done the same if they were in Sammy’s position. He has done great things in Passaic, but no one wants to see the positive they always focus on the negative. He has done more great things than anybody else in Passaic. The streets are way cleaner and you don’t see all the drug dealers and prostitutes like you used to, especially in downtown Passaic, for example like you did when a certain someone was mayor and not for nothing in my opinion is very racist by separating 3rd ward from the rest of Passaic (hmmm I wonder why she did that). Sammy on the other hand is always there for you no matter what color your skin is, what background or how much money you have. He has many people who are going to stick by him no matter what because they know that he is a beautiful person and he has done great things. Ha! “Burn in hell Sammy Rivera” oh please!! Why don’t you try being Mayor?? Let’s see if no one tries to take you down.

3 01 2008
A citizen


18 02 2008

I’m a former resident of Passaic and in a way I’m happy to say that I was born and raised there. I owe a lot of my success and survival skills on what I learned growing up in the Speer Village Projects (24 State St). When I heard about this ‘fiasco’ I was not shocked or amazed as I know this will always be the behavior and actions of greedy, gutless, self obsorbed, spineless, politicians who play ‘poli-tricks’ with the monies, hopes and aspirations of the the hard working citizens of Passic. God Bless America…home of the idiots!

2 11 2008

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