Reader Submitted Article – Illegal Aliens Reason For Our High Taxes?

24 09 2007

From our In-box

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The “Safe Haven” resolution passed by the Passaic City Council is an outrage and an affront to the law abiding, tax paying American citizens of Passaic.



Many Passaic taxpayers are being crushed by oppressive New Jersey taxes, and illegal alien gang crime is spreading around the country. The US Supreme Court has declared school voucher programs to be constitutional. American born children who attend private schools receive almost nothing from NJ, while NJ spends about $20,000 per year to educate each illegal alien child!

Lets demand that our elected city councilmen post answers on the PassaicJews forum to the following questions:

1. Which city and/or county services and programs are now open for use by all persons, including illegal aliens?

2. What is the total cost to the City of Passaic and Passaic County for all these city services and programs?

3. Approximately how many illegal alien immigrants are residing in Passaic?

4. Are Passaic police inquiring about the immigration status of arrested persons, and are they then reporting illegal alien criminals to the Federal immigration enforcement authorities?

5. Approximately how many illegal alien gang members are residing in Passaic?

6. Which illegal alien gangs are known to be operating in Passaic, and what is being done to arrest and/or deport them?

Please email these Passaic City Councilmen and demand answers to the above questions:

If Jews intend to survive in an increasingly hostile world, then lets start following the wisdom of our own Jewish sages –
“THE LAW OF THE LAND IS LAW” – Baba Kama 113a, Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), Choshen Mishpat Chpt. 369.


Web Links:

Illegal Alien Crime Waves

“In Passaic, we have MS-13 (Al-Quada connected illegal alien terror gang)”

NJ’s Costly Immigrant Burden

Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Jerseyites




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6 10 2007
Reginald Bailly

Introducing Bailly Taxes Guide – for those wanting to know more about taxes in the United States of America.

9 10 2007
federal taxes

federal taxes

It can at times become troublesome to sort the good federal taxes facts from the bad.

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