Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim Convention

12 11 2007

The cavernous space at Pier 94, last night draped in black velvet with hundreds of tables elegantly decked out to serve 4,300 dinner guests, and more than a dozen 30-ft flat screens that allowed the guests to follow events on the podium, offered an illustration in brilliant contrast.

It was at this same Pier some 68 years ago, when the Chabad leader responsible for transferring the headquarters of the war-ravaged Chabad-Lubavitch movement from Europe to the U.S., disembarked the Drottingham at the New York Harbor, to a small, waiting entourage of Chabad Chasidim. 

The name Chabad was then barely known to anyone outside of the observant Jewish community. Upon his arrival in the U.S. Rabbi Joseph. I. Schneersohn sent a few of his Chasidim—there were only a few at the time—to begin the arduous task of seeking out Jewish children, and as was often the case, pleading with their parents to allow them to devote a few hours a week to Jewish education.

Few of the Chabad Shluchim at last night’s conference find themselves pleading with parents today. Instead, they are constantly expanding and building to accommodate ever growing numbers of Jewish children enrolling in their outstanding pre-schools, Hebrew schools and day schools around the world.




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