Dual offices didn’t hurt most N.J. incumbents

12 11 2007

It’s now illegal to hold more than one elected office in New Jersey, but that didn’t keep 14 state legislators who are also mayors or county freeholders from being sent back to Trenton last week.

Once something is banned, the practice is supposed to end, but not when it comes to the state Legislature.

About two months ago, Governor Corzine signed into law a measure that effectively bans future dual office-holding in New Jersey, meaning you can no longer hold two publicly elected offices at the same time.

The new law, however, contains a grandfather provision that allows anyone who is currently holding two elected offices to continue doing so. That means it doesn’t apply to the 17 state lawmakers who already hold other offices at the municipal or county level along with their legislative offices.

For example, state Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-Wood-Ridge, can continue serving as the mayor of Wood-Ridge while still representing the 36th District. And he can run for both offices – just as he did Tuesday — as many times as he wants in the future, as long as he keeps winning the elections. NorthJersey.com




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