Retailers Will Face Fines for Selling Unlabeled Fur

13 11 2007


NY>A new state law cracking down on unlabeled fur goes into effect today, threatening retailers with $500–$1,000 fines if they fail to print “real fur” on relevant garment labels. The Humane Society of the United States, which supported the legislation, says research has shown that a significant number of unlabeled jackets advertised as “faux fur” contain hair from raccoon dogs or domestic dogs. A loophole in federal law has allowed them to be listed as fake fur so long as they were under $150 in value. Domestic dog fur cannot be sold under federal law, but raccoon dog fur, typically skinned in China, is allowed. Legislation has been proposed to ban it as well.(NYSUN)




2 responses

13 11 2007

Does any one in Passaic wear a streimel?

13 11 2007
Mark Levin

Yes, there are a number of shtreimlach in Passaic. You must not be from here if you ask such a question!

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