YM-YWHA eatery is kosher again in Wayne

14 11 2007

kosher-food.jpgThe kitchen had to be cleaned.

Dishes needed to be submerged in sinks with water boiled to an incinerating heat. The pots and grills had to be blow-torched to hot neon orange. The microwaves were cleaned with the steam of bubbling water.

Those were among the steps that had to be taken by the Tel Aviv Cafe, located in the YM-YWHA of Wayne, in order to be re-certified as kosher – a reversal of the cafe’s recent decision to switch from kosher to kosher-style.

“There is a sense of happiness,” said Rabbi Michael Gurkov of the Chabad Center-Lubavitch, who did the re-certification on Monday. “One of the things that the Jewish community pride themselves in is a kosher eatery.”

Although the ceremony to re-certify the kitchen took place Monday, the first formal day of kosher food will be Nov. 19.

A month ago, Gurvok said that the Jewish community of Wayne was dealt a devastating blow when the menu became kosher-style in an attempt to bring in more customers.

“I had such a pang of sadness,” Gurvok said. “Instead of being a progressive Jewish community, we were regressing. It was a sad empty feeling. Our community was going backwards.”

After Gurvok and other rabbis in the area voiced their concern about the change, Gurvok said he was delighted to receive a message last week that the restaurant would return to being kosher




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