Plainfeild Police Officers son 16 shot by Roselle officers by mystake

17 11 2007

The teenager shot and injured during a chase with Roselle police Friday night is a high school football player and the son of a Plainfield police officer, authorities said.

The 16-year-old victim was shot around 6:30 p.m. as he crouched in an alley off Locust Street and refused to show his hands, authorities said. Andre Crawford, president of Plainfield’s police officers union, identified the victim as Marquise Randle, 16, who plays football at Plainfield High School.

The shooting appears accidental, said Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow, whose office is investigating the incident.

“He wouldn’t comply with officer commands to show his hands,” Romankow said. “As they attempted to pull him up, an officer’s weapon was accidentally discharged.”

Plainfield Police Chief Edward Santiago confirmed the victim is the son of Khisha Bethea, a six-year Plainfield police veteran. He declined to comment further.

The Roselle officers were responding to report of “suspicious activity” in the hallway of an apartment building on the 100 block of West 2nd Street. When police arrived, Randle fled the building and into a dark alley on the 100 block of Locust Street, Romankow said.

Officers found Randle crouching in dark and refusing to show his hands, authorities said. As police tried to drag him to his feet, a gun belonging to Officer Craig Howlett accidentally discharged, according to a Union County Prosecutors Office press release.

Howlett, 26, has been a police officer for two years, authorities said.

Randle was shot in the torso taken to University Hospital in Newark. His injury is not life-threatening, Romankow said.

No further details were immediately available. The incident is still under investigation.



3 responses

17 11 2007
Passaic Heimishe

Who says iit was reall a mystake mabe they shot him and they were thinking of the best cover up

19 11 2007
well informed

um… the prosecutor said after his investigation… stop the racism

9 05 2008
David Stadtmeir

Again with the shooting and the explanation. Accidental? You try that excuse. “Excuse me Mr. Prosecutor. I was holding the electric carving knife and it accidentally went on and stabbed my wife’s brother – 16 times – in the back – while he was sleeping – tied up in the closet.”
The citizenry – we have a Constitutional Right codified – to protect ourselves but NJ – caving to the thin (brained) blue line lobbying – decries that weapons are dangerous. Indeed they are. They are supposed to be. In the hands of the Police this proven to be true; n, n+1 and so on. Still, nothing happens to the criminal who shot this boy. Nothing. It was an accident. Sorry. Here let me help you up as the blood loss is significant. How, I mean how, can the weapon discharge accidentally? Especially in the hands of a “trained” police officer, far above the “great unwashed” they deem us to be. “It went off, by accident, when I aimed it at him.” No Grand Jury. Nothing. “So, a little blood was spilled. He is still alive isn’t he?” Again, trial, guilty, death penalty. And the gang that can’t shoot straight has to make up a story for the shooting. If the poor lad was murdered, yes murdered, then any fairy tale could be told. But, when you miss, either shoot again and again until they are lifeless, or create a fable.
Still, we sit in silence. How soon before the pogroms begin? Can’t happen? (Again) Sure about that? So, it can not happen, again is what you’re saying.

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