The largest Dreidel in the world

18 11 2007


Basking Ridge, NJ – The largest Hanukkah dreidel in the world stands 18-feet tall in front of the Chabad Jewish Center in Basking Ridge, generating stares and smiles from passers-by.

The dreidel has become a local landmark during the holiday season, rising over the busy intersection of Valley Road and King George Road.

“Hanukkah celebrates the victory of a rag-tag band of Jewish freedom fighters in a struggle against their Syrian-Greek oppressors more than 2,000 ago”, explained Rabbi Mendy Herson, director of Chabad of Greater Somerset County. “The Hellenists tried to outlaw Jewish spirituality, to take the soul out of Judaism. Tradition tells us that Jewish children would study the Torah in hiding. When anti-Jewish forces would find them, they would take out little tops – dreidels in Yiddish – and pretend they were just playing a children’s game. Hence the worldwide practice of playing with dreidels on Hannukah.” [courieronline]




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18 11 2007

Can you spin that dreidel

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