Thanksgiving Travel Day May Be A Mess

20 11 2007

Thanksgiving travel could be a real turkey this year — more so than usual — thanks to a big storm that’s expected to hit the middle of the United States. “Wednesday is going to be a nightmare over a lot of the country,” says one meteorologist




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13 11 2008
James Thomas

I hope we can all stay safe and low-stress this holiday…

I recommend good communication with loved ones… anyone can understand being a little late because of bad weather, so don’t rush to get there!

Yay for cell phones, right?

For more on stress management, see:

All the best this holiday season,

-James T.

24 11 2008

There is one company, FastPark, based out of my hometown of Cincinnati that is trying to make travel easier on flyers this year…They have yoga instrustors on their buses!

FastPark has hired yoga instructors to provide yoga tips and instruction to holiday travelers onboard its airport parking shuttles in the following markets: Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Houston; Miami; Milwaukee; Orlando; Raleigh, N.C. and Tucson, Ariz. All tips will incorporate techniques that passengers can do sitting down whether they’re on a shuttle bus or plane, at the airport terminal, or in their hotel room.

Stay relaxed:

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