The Halachic Institute Finds way to get around violating the Shabbos

20 11 2007

Israel – Observing Shabbat but have to call your grandmother? Have to have a cup of coffee when you come back from weekend services? The halachic institute for science and technology has just the thing for you.

A group of engineers at the halachic institute, which specializes in Halacha-friendly technological developments, has come up with several new technological breakthroughs designed to ease the religious public’s life, while keeping with all Shabbat-related mitzvahs.

The gadgets include, among others, a Shabbat air-conditioner, a Shabbat phone and a kosher, Shabbat espresso machine.

Many of the institute’s developments are already in production, both in Israel and abroad, and several have been introduced to the public at a special show arranged by the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

One of the show’s biggest hits was the Shabbat pen, which uses self-dissolving ink that disappears 24 hours after writing. “We’re not talking about life and death situations here, when one’s need to desecrate Shabbat to save a life goes without saying,” added Zioni, “but for all those little grey areas we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. [ynet]



2 responses

12 01 2008
michael golomb

i am interested in a halachic way of using a microphone on shabbat if possible.
possible run by a NonJew, or using a special device or whatever you can come up with that is halachically correct. thank you

19 10 2010

I am interested in a Shabbat microphone for my congregation. Any ideas?

Menachem Shoham

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