United States agrees to hold talks with Iran again

20 11 2007


The United States has accepted an Iraqi proposal to hold new talks with Iran about the security situation in Iraq, the State Department said Tuesday.

The as-yet unscheduled meeting would be the third round of talks between Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and his Iranian counterpart. Two previous sessions ended inconclusively with Iran rejecting U.S. allegations that it is supporting Shia insurgent groups in Iraq by providing bombmaking material responsible for the deaths of American troops.

Amid a decline in attacks involving such devices, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Washington had responded favorably to a suggestion from the Iraqi government that it was now “the appropriate time” for another meeting at the ambassadorial level in Baghdad.

“We said ‘yes,’ that we would agree to that,” he told reporters, adding that the United States had informed Iran of its acceptance through diplomatic channels that normally involve Swiss intermediaries. AP




One response

20 11 2007

Good News, I doubt anything comes of it though. That little Iranian is not known for diplomacy.
I wonder how the left is going to spin this afterward? I am sure any lack of progress will be Bush’s fault. G-D forbid they support the President.

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