N.J.S.P. targets drunken driving and seatbelts

21 11 2007


Starting Wednesday, New Jersey State Police troopers will begin their days with shift briefings that include personal stories from representatives from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to inspire the troopers in their effort to combat drunken driving.

“Many of these Troopers have experienced the horror of DWI as part of their duties, but when the scene is cleared and the reports are written, the tragedy of the incident is truly just beginning for someone somewhere,” said Maj. Matthew Walker, Commander of Troop D on the New Jersey Turnpike. “These family members volunteering with MADD are the faces that our troopers never get to see — the victims that suffer the rest of their lives from a senseless loss.”

Targeted seatbelt enforcement is another very important job that troopers will perform on the state’s highways throughout the whole holiday season. According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) 31,415 passenger vehicle occupants died in crashes across the nation in 2005, and more than half of them were not wearing seat belts.

During the 2005 and 2006 Thanksgiving holidays, there were an unbelievable 16 fatal crashes each year resulting in 41 total deaths. Previous years averaged less than half that amount. About 50 percent of those deaths resulted from accidents involving alcohol.

Throughout the state, extra troopers will strictly enforce hazardous violations, including the failure of vehicle occupants to wear seatbelts. Sober driving and regular seat belt use are two of the most effective ways to protect people and reduce fatalities in motor vehicle crashes. Research has shown that when lap/shoulder belts are used properly, the risk of fatal injury to front seat passenger car occupants is reduced by 45 percent, and the risk of moderate-to-critical injury is reduced by 50 percent.




22 responses

1 05 2008
daniel guterrez

Why drink and drive if you know its wrong.

30 07 2008

Please, the DWI laws in NJ are unconstituional, MADD started out with good intemtions but have become a revenge drivin prohibitionist , rich movement who hold our legislators hostage. The alws went from one extrme to another, we have been brainwashed! I have seen DWI convictions ruin peoples live too!. The BAC is way to low @ .08, it only takes 2-3 drinks on an empty stomach to achive,even if you are NOT drunk, the machine says you are and there is no getting around that, the fines, programs you are forced to go to although you know you are not a drunk and the 10k you will put out is draconian and horrendous, if you hurt someone and are 2-3 times over the limit, fine you derserve to get punished but not for blowing a bac .08-10, it is a “one size fits all”. let the punishment fit the crime, every situation is different and should be adgusted as such. I belong to a group called Responsabitlity in Drunk Driving Laws, we will repeal these draconian DWI laws… Go to R,I D.L to read horror stories about DWI convictions and the lies MADD has told through the years about the percentage of accidents caused by drunk drivers, it alot less than you think! Getmadd.com is another group is DAMM, they all are ppl against the harsh DWI laws and the ruined lives they have caused!!!!!!!!!

28 04 2010

Wow! I can’t honestly believe that you are that niave!! “Dui convictions ruin peoples lives”. Ya totally man! THAT’S THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently people are too stupid to catch a cab or get a designated driver so their lives should be ruined. My grandparents were killed by a total idiot who was driving drunk back in 1985. He is very lucky that I don’t know where he is or I would send him Christmas cards and birthday cards that I would have sent my grandparents. I truly believe that if convicted of driving drunk and killing someone that the person should be convicted of MURDER. If a person recieves a dui, for the rest of their driving days of their life they should have a neon orange license plate so that everyone knows that at one time or another this idiot got a dui. I don’t think that .08 is too low. It should be .04. You want a drink STAY HOME and get hammered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime the idiots that do drink and drive, they hit someone else and kill them. The drunk idiot usually gets banged up, but the car they hit, someone dies. So I truly believe this…. you want to drink and drive, do us all a favor, HIT A TREE!!!!!!!!! I can replace a tree, a forest of trees, I CAN’T REPLACE MY GRANDPARENTS. So as for MADD being bad or relentless, PERFECT!!!! Maybe if the drinkers were so worried about it BEFORE they got a drink, MADD wouldn’t even be around.

31 10 2010

I completely agree, my five year old sister was killed by a drunk driver and he was at only .09. Besides that he only got a 30 day suspension and a fine. Personally, I think he should have been charged with murder and put in jail for no less than 10 years. But i guess other people see a suspension and a fine as life ruining but a five year old never being able to live at all isn’t, yeah that makes sense.

11 09 2008

drink and drive ha!ha!ha! it funny if your going to drink just stay there, and if you dont then dont drink.

30 10 2008
Alan Grant

was that crash fatal for however many people were in the car?

3 11 2008


3 03 2011
Mikayla East

i agree with you. Why take the risk of dying and also killing someone else if u got in a head on collision.

10 11 2008

errrr looks bad haha

17 11 2008

That looks like it hurt a lirrle bit!

21 11 2008

holy crap. did that person survive?
was anyone else in the car with them?

21 11 2008

holy crap! did that person survive?
was anyone else in the car with them?

13 12 2008
christina lopez

regardless if you are only a little bit intoxicated you are every bit responsible. what message would we want to send out if the the law said “its okay drink a little if you know your limit you can drive!” no, if your going to drive don’t drink. is it really that hard to resist not having a beer??? my father got 3 DUI’s and he deserved the consequences, he lost his license. now he takes public transportation to and from work. its like they say you drink you drive you lose. they don’t care how little you had to drink or how well you can touch your nose and stand on one foot. JUST DON’T DRINK! stop complaining about the consequences and just don’t drink.

19 12 2008

Of course i’m gonna drive, i’m too drunk to walk…haha.. ok but on a serious note, DON’T DRINK and DRIVE

7 01 2009

drinking and driving is stupid so dont do it

10 02 2009

I had an idea kicking around for a while about how to increase NJ state revenue, attack the REAL underlying problem concerning repeat offenders,
and lessen the draconion laws imposed by legislation.

For second or third offenders of DWI it’s been estimated that between the convictions of first to second and second to third,
the driver had driven intoxicated HUNDREDS of times. To be clear on this point, I don’t mean EVERY time they were falling down drunk, they could have had a BAC of .01 on up.
In my mind, it is insane for someone with a first DWI on their record to rack up a second offense,
what knowingly sane person would engage in that behavior after going through the hell they did after the first one?
There is something going on underneath the exterior of the repeat offenders that scare tactics don’t work on. Suspension for two years?
On paper it sounds intimidating, but there is the percentage of motorists that will rack up a third or fourth DWI conviction after that. Why? Are they just masochists at heart?

The State of New Jersey still, in my humble opinion, doesn’t have a firm grasp on the true problem. These repeat offenders have a sickness. A disease, if you will.
Looking upon the true cause of their behavior as the illness that it is,
is what leads me into my proprosal.

I propose a “traffic school” for DWI offenders. They have them for speeding where you can attend classes and get points taken off your license.
Why not a scenario like this for DWI cases? I had the idea of a state run facility paid for by the DWI offenders themselves,
whereupon they attend regular group therapy, meetings and educational classes (with qualified staff on hand that specialize in substance abuse).
Yes, I realize that a 16 week therapy course is assigned to second offenders upon assessment at the IDRC, but what’s 16 weeks?
To someone who has a real drinking problem, 16 weeks is rubbish. I propose CONTINUED therapy, education and meetings in my aforementioned state-run facility.
As a side effect, the more you attend, the more your suspension gets lessened. And it attacks the REAL problem from a therapeutic base.
And since alchoholism is considered a disease, wouldn’t medical insurance cover this plan as well as out of pocket?

Would this plan also not benefit the income revenue of our state as well? I agree, that on the surface,
people would attend not to solve their real problems but to lessen their suspension time. As far as a revenue stream for NJ goes,
I can’t imagine a person with a two to ten year suspension NOT attending. However, I’m of the belief that over continued exposure to therapy and education,
the offenders will make significant changes in thier lifestyle and behavior.
Locking them up with huge fines and suspensions has proven to be not a significant deterrent to repeat offenders.

To those who say, “Well, just don’t drink.” Sounds easy, yes. Any sane person would take this advice. However, for someone with a true substance abuse disorder, this advice is fruitless without additional aid.

These are just the broad strokes of my idea, but I think you get the picture. What say you?

11 02 2009
Online Traffic School


My God, What a dangerous accident it is!!!!!!. Drinking and driving is prohibited. Please take severe actions on the drivers never repeat like this again.

– Rose.

11 02 2009

Rose: wait until you or someone close to you gets a DWI for blowing a BAC of .08%… Accurate DWI accident data is difficult to go through as it is thoroughly skewed. Did you know that the powers that be that determine this data include .01% BAC instances? Incredible.

9 03 2009

that sucks well did she learn a lesson about drinking and driving.

14 11 2009


19 11 2009

Its all fun and games till someone gets hurt…. Then is fu…. Hilarious

8 02 2011

ahahahha noobs

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