Girl, 13, run over by school bus and killed

22 11 2007

HAMILTON, N.J. (AP) — A 13-year-old was killed Wednesday when she was run over by a school bus after engaging in what authorities called horseplay with friends.

The girl, identified as Bryelle Dean, had just stepped off her bus from Crockett Middle School in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, at about 1 p.m. when she was crushed under the bus’ rear wheels.

Bus driver Jean Louis, 48, stopped the bus after he felt something and the students who had just gotten off screamed at him to stop.




10 responses

12 02 2008

i will miss my best friend bryelle

12 02 2008

i wil miss you bestfriend

1 03 2008

on feb 4 the day of your birth at crockett we had a pep rally to remember your life

that day brought broken hearts even i was a wtness to something an 11yrs old should have not seen

bryelle dean

gone but neva fogotten

17 03 2008

Horseplay Kills. that girl shouldve seen it coming. i suppose the bus driver had a good reason to run her over. meddling children. blah

24 03 2008

We will never forget you R.I.P.

18 09 2008

Bryelle i dont even know u but im really sorry for your tragic accident may your soul rest in peace may god rest his hands over ure family members and loved one.

18 09 2008

and ben how could u say that about someone what if ure child was ran over by a bus u would very disturbed and wanting to kill he person who did it right so think abourt wat u right before u post it because bryelles parents could be lookin at this i bet ure some white trash writing that also….sorry bryelle i just had to write it. it wasnt ure fault u were killed

1 10 2008

now she everbody’s bestfriend but when she was alive yall just was friends im her real bestfriend from TCCS in Kindergarten

26 11 2008
Carly Goldman

I now go to this school and it is very disturbing to know that something like this happened.I don’t feel safe riding the busses here anymore, but it’s the only way I can get to and from school.

26 11 2008
Carly Goldman

Please leave me a comment! I want to know you’re intrested in what I have to say!

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