University’s cell phone plan sounds like a bad call

26 11 2007

Successful business marketing, as taught at Montclair State University:

Garner a captive audience, establish a monopoly on sale of the product, fix the price, require the purchase as a condition of attendance at school, collect the use fees even if the product isn’t used.

And, just to be on the cutting edge of contemporary sales, promote the product as a defense against terrorism, a hedge against campus violence.

Remember Virginia Tech.

“Frankly, I think it’s a scam,” says Gennaro Esposito, 20, a senior.

He is talking about how the public university’s officials require students to purchase a cell phone and an accompanying service from them.

Through them actually. The service is Sprint/Nextel, with added gizmos provided by Rave Wireless, a company specializing in attracting a college audience.

At $552 a year with only limited use off-campus. Limited — 50 minutes a month.

“I never use it,” says Christine Kadets, a junior. “I leave it home. It would cost me more money to get out of my family plan.”

That’s a $552-a-year fee on top of tuition and fees of more than $8,000 already.




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