Spring Valley, NY – Miracle of Medicine Brings New Light this Hanukkah to Yeshiva Teacher and Family

4 12 2007

Spring Valley, NY – Teacher Jacob Klang collapsed in front of 200 students in a study hall at the Ohr Hameir Theological Seminary in Cortlandt on Nov. 7. Instantly, students jumped to his aid, one calling 911, another running to get the school’s oxygen tank and others taking turns performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for nearly 10 minutes until an ambulance arrived.
He went into cardiac arrest and no one knows why. The 37-year-old father of six from Spring Valley was otherwise healthy.He lay in a coma at Westchester Medical Center for nine days. His organs were failing. His mother and wife slept in the waiting room for nearly two weeks. Doctors told them to pray.

But members of the cardiology team under Dr. Melvin Weiss, chief of cardiology, worked to keep his heart artificially pumping using a relatively new device called the TandemHeart.
Doctors pushed a catheter, or a tube, through an incision near Klang’s groin. The tube, nearly the thickness of a garden hose, went up through his femoral vein into his heart. First into the right atrium and then through the thin wall into the left atrium.
Oxygen-rich blood is sucked from the left atrium back into the machine, where the blood passes through a centrifuge and is pushed out through another smaller tube into the femoral artery. This supplies oxygen-rich blood to the lower part of the body and the abdominal organs.
It does the job of the left ventricle, the main muscle of the heart, pumping blood into all parts of the body.

It worked and yesterday Klang was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.
In one month’s time, Jacob Klang went from near death to a full recovery. His brain is functioning well.

After resting at home for the next month or two, Klang said, he will likely return to teaching at the Cortlandt yeshiva.
Family members, happy to have him home tonight for the first night of Hanukkah. They thanked everyone at the hospital and the school.
“Our biggest gratitude is to God for creating this miracle,” said his brother-in-law, Shaul Seitler, 35, of Monsey.

As for the first responders, the brave students, Klang’s wife, Esther, 32, was at a loss for words.
“What do you say to someone who saves your husband’s life?” she said. “There’s not enough you can say to someone who has saved your whole world. ‘Thank you’ just isn’t enough.” Vosizneias.com




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7 12 2007

An amazing story

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