Passaic N.J. Car accident

6 12 2007

Their was a car accident at about 6:20 Pm tonight on the corner of Main Ave and Brook Hatzolah, Police and Fire  all on scene.Air bags had deployed but no major injuries reported.




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7 12 2007

Hatzolah was on the scene

7 12 2007

Which Hatzolah responded?????

7 12 2007

I saw the accident also I was very impressed at the kiddush hashem that went on Hatzolah was the first emergency vehicle to show up at the scene yet helping out goyim in the time of need. I saw all the patient’s were goyim but Hatzolah let them sit in there Ambulance to warm up untill there family’s came to pick them up.Thank You Hatzolah for making the relationship between Yidden and Goyim better every day.

23 12 2007

why do they only do it for the jewish community? Passaic EMS would do it for anyone in the need of help. It does not matter who you are but I guess the jewish community sticks with the jews ONLY

23 12 2007
Passaic Hatzolah Member

It happens to be that this call their was no jews involved and Hatzolah responded im not sure where you get your sources from but i know for a fact as being good freinds of several Hatzolah members that they respond to any one and everyone that they get called from

23 12 2007

Pretty strange to post that comment last time I checked Hatzolah does not pick up the phone and say what race are you what nationality are you oh ok so i cold come to you

5 09 2009

you should get a hatzalah in ridgefieldpark nj it would help answer calls a lot fast.

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