Passaic woman found dead in apartment

10 12 2007


PASSAIC — The body of Kimberly Santos, 21, was discovered Sunday at about 5:30 p.m., inside her apartment at 87 Broadway, Detective Sgt. Hershel Rawls said. Santos’ roommate discovered her body, he said.

The police have no suspects and, citing the ongoing investigation, they refused to disclose how Santos was killed. But Rawls said Santos probably knew her murderer because there was no sign of forced entry into the apartment.

She was the fourth homicide victim this year in Passaic, police said. The Paramedics had pronounced her dead on scene with Passaic E.M.S on scene




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16 12 2007
jerry cruz

The murder of this young lady is horrible, she was my daughter Dahmaris Rodriguez’ friend, she was devastated. Her parents were Dominican, so in my experience,(I’ve lived in NYC, Miami, and Cincinnati, and of course presently in Kentucky) and my opinion is that the murderer(s) are probably most likely Domincan, it seems as if she new the perps…this crime is solvable…they need to look closely to persons in the neighborhood were she lived(81 Broadway). I’ll bet my right hand that she new the perp(s). God be with her family, especially this close to the holidays…it was a gruesome and hideous crime and Kimberly Santos needs justice…if nothing is done…I will go to Passaic myself and find the perp(s) and execute them…for my daughter and Kimberly’s family!

26 12 2007
To Jerry Cruz

Reply to Jerry Cruz:

May the coming year provide you use of your brain. This was a horrible thing to occur but for you to state that the likelihood of the perpetrator to be a “Dominican” because she was one is asinine backwards thinking at best. So by your genius deduction one only associate with ones’ own kind? And this association with our own kind is the cause of one’s demise? You are truly a dimwit. Lest you forget that her father is Dominican, a good example of a hard working family man. You should quit your day job and go work for the FBI, your investigative skills are outstanding. May God rest her soul and may the person(s) responsible for this be caught. FYI….I am Dominican and all the Dominicans I know are hard working people. As with any race there are good as there are bad but I treat people on an individual basis and form my opinions in the same manner. Prejudiced thinking will get you nowhere; you are just perpetuating an evil vice that people hold on to as a means of feeling better about their own shortcomings.

15 01 2008

preach on brother..

17 01 2008

didn’t the mayor say that it wasn’t murder? and that it would be revealed on friday further details in the case. that was more than a month ago. any leads or suspects?

24 02 2008

no one killed her guys!!!!!

26 03 2008
old friend

hey, does anyone know wha really happened.
thanks in advance

2 04 2008

no one killed her?? but her hands were tied? r.i.p kim, you shouldnt have gone like this, save me a spot mama…love you

12 05 2008

i don think “dominicans” are the ones that cause all the trouble with the killing. It could of been anyone of any race. Black, white, puertorican, doesnt matter

12 05 2008

no one killed her she did it to herself!!!!!!!

12 05 2008

by the way her hands werent tied up!! Thats a reason people should stop using drugs.

14 06 2008

The medical examiner released an autopsy report that clearly stated Kimberly died of asphyxiation. On the autopsy pictures you can see the marks on her wrists. Kimberly was my cousin, and actually only her mother is Dominican my uncle Marcos a.k.a. Marconi, is Arabic. Its funny how with all the cameras around no-one knew what happened… Yes her door was locked from the inside, but her roomate found her?? hmm… not to mention her roomate has disapeared…. I helped clean up that apartment, i saw the conditions of it. Drugs?? Really asshole then why the hell didn’t it come up on the report? Some inspector gadget you are. Tell that to Bex her sis that had to witness the autopsy? Or my uncle who’s no longer talkative, left speechless, or better yet my aunt who’s left nothing but flesh… How do you asphyxiate yourself? Tell me because i seem to lack creativity. Drugs… lol… thats what you must’ve been on when you believed you had thsi figuered out. If having concluded this murder like this helps you sleep at night then by all means.Your thoughts are clearly obscured by stupidity. R.I.P. lil Kim, i love you prima. ❤ love Tita.

27 07 2008

I think she was Murdered By Poorness

8 12 2008
old friend

she was not murdered guys!!! She killed herself n a lot of people didnt like her cuz 1. Tooooo conceited 2. Fake friend 2 face haaa n now they open a restaurant n little sis acting like a gansta on the street n marco was locked up for selling drugs n try hitting his mom WOW nikka move out!!! N mom looking like she on crack. N father hmm dont no what to say acting like he runs Passaic so please people she killed herself!!!! Dummies!!!!

29 03 2009
old ex of marcos jr

ill go with what chrismary said so f*** all ya haters out there!!! ya stayed wanting to dirty their name… let them be they are trying to move on from everything that has happened sooooo f*** offf
xoxoxo to the santos family

29 03 2009

listen old friend if your gonna post up lies without facts know that in this country, that would be considered false testimony and can prosicuted by the law. So if you intend to wrtie lies like this make sure you do it right because I can fid out who you are and I will sue you!

13 08 2010

Kimberly was my former student. It hurt me deeply when I was made aware of her passing away. To me it matters not how she died, but rather the way she lived her life. Kimberly was special. She was kind, charismatic, intelligent, humble, outgoing, and above all a genuine human being. Kimberly will be greatly missed. If Kim was my daughter I would be so proud. Some of the above comments are irrelevant. What is relevant is the impact she had on the lives of the people she knew and loved.

22 08 2010

I truely think someone attacked her. I’ve read every article that was written both off and on campus (yes i was a student while kimberly attended WPU). It is very doubtful she did this to herself. She had a lot of things going for her considering she was a month a way with graduating college!!! I really hope they catch the person who did this and throw the book at them.

All though I didn’t know you Kimberly and I probably passed you through the halls or on campus, my thoughts and prayers are with your family. RIP. I know everyone who was close to you misses you.

3 11 2010
class of 2004

i was in school with kim since 1st grade but we becams good friends in was a great friend but she had a dark side because she was very premiscuous.i was a quiet person but she talked to me cus i listened to her crazy (Edited by moderator) stories ..she was a freak kim..

4 11 2010
Name Edited

Kimberly I didn’t know you, but I know a couple of people that did. I’ve been reading a lot about your murder, and I honestly think she knew who killed her n it wasn’t done by just one person. The reason why I say this is because the way they said she died. I hope they find who did this n turn them in!

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