Charedi Rabbis Approve Internet Use for Business

17 12 2007


Israel – The Rabbinical Commission for Media Affairs, established by leading Haredi rabbis, published in the todays Haredi press an announcement permitting the use of the internet “solely for business purposes, through kosher means.”

The rabbis explained that the need to solve the problem presented by the internet came from the growing use of computer information systems, email and the internet in the business world.
According to the rabbis, “after consulting with experts, we have found a solution to the impasse which will allow those requiring it to access email only or sites connected to their livelihood.”
“This special solution was reached after much labor and sophisticated, technical investments aimed at removing the serious dangers of spiritual obstacles and injuries.”

The rabbis turned to communications companies that provide filtering services to create a solution for the God-fearing community in a special track under their supervision. [Ynet] (vin)




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