Passaic Police Shame Shame Shame!!!

1 01 2008

Reader submitted article

Dear Editor, Thanks for the great job you have done for this community. I’d appreciate if you could print the following message:

I am a concerned parent of Yeshiva Ktana Of Passaic. Every day I go to pick up my children from Yeshiva Ktana Boys building whichis located at 1 main ave in Passaic. Recently their has been one or two Officers from the Passaic Police Dept. on motorcycles. These two Officers belong to the Passaic Police Traffic Division and are also actual cops. Unfortunately lately these two officers have been harassing and ticketing innocent people like myself for the only reason of waiting in our cars to pick up our CHILDREN from school. I think this is outrageous and abusing their power this must come to an end immediately. For how long are we going to take this and just sit back. And I’m not sure what we can do to fix this problem once and for all                  Moshe.

Traffic Police Bureau Phone # is (973)365-3920 

 Passaic Police Cheif Phone # is(973)365-3958




24 responses

2 01 2008

This is indeed a terrible PR move on behalf of the Passaic Police dept.

2 01 2008
a tax payer

You are not so innocent if you are committing a traffic violation. Any other laws that you don’t enforced? Shame on you for thinking you are above the law!

2 01 2008

The 2 Officers I bet never thought that this would get published on the internet. Maybe the herald news will pick up this story.

2 01 2008

Lets not pick on all the Police Officers its just these 2 guys. I like almost all of the Passaic Cops but you know in every crew their are a fiew bad apples that ruin the bunch.So I guess something must be done

2 01 2008
a tax payer

Let’s put the blame on illegal parkers. How bout that? Don’t illegally park and you won’t get a ticket. Simple right? Maybe you should thank these officers for doing a fair and impartial job, thereby keeping the road safe for pedestrians and the motoring public.

2 01 2008
Van Houten Resident

when the cops start ticketing people on van houten ave. by school #3 where its ok to double park and sit by no standing signs oh wait their from the public school so its ok i forgot

4 01 2008

double parking is against the law and the cops in all towns in nj issue summonses to those who double park. your child won’t melt or freeze if they have to walk a little bit. there is an empty lot on main ave and south parkway, maybe you can pick up your son there or on south parkway. it’s only around the block.

the boys school is in a bad location and I can’t see how it was ever approved by the city. $$$ terhune ave. is much too narrow to handle all the traffic and that line of cars that runs for blocks up the street. this is a hazardous situation as those tuning from Main Ave. are in for the shock of their lives when they see that army of cars. It’s just as bad if you want to drive east from Passaic Ave. to Main Ave and have to go on the other side of the street to pass up the line of cars waiting to pick up their kids.

And, the ladies picking up their boys don’t make matters easier when they are dumb enough to fling open their front car door in front of a moving vehicle only to have the car jam on their breaks and giving the driver a heart attack.

sometimes is good to have the cops around so that people won’t speed down the street. the speed bump placed there was ridiculous.

4 01 2008
Waverly Pl. resident

At No. 3 school there are over 1000 students and 200 faculty. There is an officer there who does a great job of handling the traffic.

And yes he writes tickets. I should know, I got one! He takes care of traffic in a firm yet fair way. There is just too many cars and people in Passaic.

With the epidemic of obesity in America we could all use a little walking for excercise.

5 01 2008
Emilio Bernave

I don’t know if I am allowed to add my opinion, I am not Jewish. But I think cops are just doing their jobs. If you feel the tickets are unjustified, fight them in court. that’s the reason why we have the court system.

7 01 2008

The vehicles that were ticketed were the ones that were driving on the wrong side of the road. No parking tickets were issued. Those ticketed were going around 10-20 cars on the left side of the road and nearly collided with other cars, I was there, were you Moshe? I was one of the ones almost hit. Maybe you should stop pointing fingers and worry about the safety of the children and the law breakers. You are berrating the officers for doing their jobs. Want to fix the problem, obey the law.

8 01 2008
A Tax Payer...

Wow. Complaining about a traffic cop giving out tickets? That is what a traffic cop does. If you weren’t illegally parked, you wouldn’t have gotten a ticket. Maybe you should complain to the school. If they were to acquire more property, they might be able to better facillitate the arrival/departure of students.
I don’t think enough tickets are written in town. I encourage the traffic division to step up and write more! Maybe, to even expand the division.
Keep up the good work boys!

Toggaf !

17 01 2008


18 01 2008

I recently had an episode with the passaic police myself ,and I tell you what it wasnt pretty.I got yelled at ,almost smacked,because of my identety theft problem ,so when I spoke about my paperwork that was in my vehicle she ,the female cop out of 8 officers standing infront of me didnt even acknowledege that my paperwork stated very important information about who I am,and that I indeed was who I said I was so this cost me money,time,super headache and didnt even know how much more I could take ,It took two bergen county officers that were picking up an inmate for transfer to realize that my paperwork was correct.and all because I went thru A missed conducted seat belt check where the oficcer was standing about 30 feet away from the actual hiway exit to first street in passaic ,come on

18 01 2008

and it cost me points,thanks passaic police

18 01 2008
a tax payer

Lou, what did you get a ticket for? If you got points you committed a moving violation. SO THANK YOURSELF!

18 01 2008


16 03 2008

What nothing to complain about lately?

28 04 2008
Virgilio Rodriguez Jr.

Look, today I just went to visit the Passaic Police Department and actually went to see the Traffic Division which most of them are friends and when I went out I received a overtime parking meter ticket. What can I say good? Other than GOOD JOB, because my tax dollars pay them to do that.

You know what else my tax dollars pay for? For those police offices to ride on those motorcycle and keep the flow of traffic moving. The one thing I hate the most is parent that thinks that I give two craps that they are picking their kid up and are double parked. Well I am trying to get to work, get to an appointment on time or just rushing to take a dump at home. What ever the issue why should my traffic experience be delayed because you want to pick up your kid.


AS FOR PASSAIC POLICE TRAFFIC BUREAU, KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB, obviously brain dead people don’t get the title TRAFFIC and what that really means. I hate giving you guys a compliment though when you tagged me for another $27.00 but I have to admit it is still cheaper than parking in NYC and Newark, lol.

10 06 2008
Passaic Indian

Let’s try double parking in front of Temple and see how fast they call the cops.

6 06 2009

Wow, Talk about calling a kettle black. I can’t tell you how many cars are double parked on Main st near the corner of Van Houten Ave. I guess it’s okay to block traffic because your running into the bakery or other stores. It’s okay to leave your car running with children in the vehicle unattended. I think before someone points fingers at Law Enforcement (did you read it Enforcement) you better think about what you did first. Maybe you forgot driving is a privilege not a right, and if abused it shall be taken away. I don’t remember ever reading in the driving manual that double parking no matter what the reason is allowed.. If you can not find a legal parking spot then go around the block, your child will be there when you get back. How would you feel if blocking traffic causes a Fire engine to be delayed keeping your house from burning down, or your relative from dying due to you blocking the road..

6 06 2009
tell it like it is

hey if only he ture resident of passaic attened the school and not everone eles,thier wouldn’t be a lot of traffic!

1 07 2009
Elections Have Consequences

I would like to thank all the goody two shoes on this blog who commented about the tickets. Since you never got a ticket here in Passaic and went to court to fight it, you have no idea what you are talking about so please shut up!

The traffic court system here is a joke. They have you coming back over and over until the cop finally shows up. This happened to me and they wanted to delay the case for a third time because said cop didnt show. What happened to the days when the cop didnt show so the case was dropped??? I would have had to come back again to prove my innocence but judgy wudgy got distracted by the person before me who was majorly PO’d for having his case delayed yet again for a third time.

20 07 2009

I agree with whoever posted this. I was given a speeding tickets for no reason. I came to a full stop street where i needed to either make a right or left, as soon i made the left i didn’t even drive 10ft a cop who was just standing there stops me and give me a speeding ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’s no way in hell i was going that fast. it’s almost the end of the month people and these cops need to finish their traffic ticket booklet or whatever you call them.. so yes!! they will sometime give tickets for no reason. i have friends who are cops in Newark.. i know how it is. and how incompetent they can be. So much crimes going on in Paterson and this fat duck is giving tickets to girls!

31 08 2009
Virgilio Rodriguez Jr

Darn I know it has been a while since the last post, but shut up is a little harsh, I don’t know what I am talking about. Sorry yes I do know what I am talking about. I issued some of those tickets and unlike you I know when I get one I am not going to fight it because I did the crime and I have to pay. I have a bad habit of not paying meters, well when old friend nail me with a ticket I have to pay. Not go fight it like I am some supreme being that should have never been issued the ticket to begin with.

You see you are lucky I am not working there anymore because instead of the double parking ticket I would reach in to the book for the one with points, I believe it is slowing the flow of traffic. Bottom line you block traffic to pick up a kid in a area that has a speed limit which most streets do and you are not to the side of the road you have stopped traffic, you have double parked. If it is for 10 seconds or 5 minutes you made the offense. Have a problem with it don’t bust the chops of the people that enforce it.

As far as the court I will take Passaic’s Courts any time for any offense. You are gripping about cops not showing up you ever been to a court in Newark I have 5 times for clipping eating a red light, I was still in the middle of the intersection so I went to downgrade the points. Frankly almost a half year after the ticket was issued they dropped the summons. But here is the difference I would have paid the summons I just wanted to ask to drop the point since that was my first moving violation ever. How about New York my girl had a stupid traffic ticket go one full year before being dropped.

Now I respond directly to you, you please shut up because you obviously haven’t been around a court room long enough to speak in an educated manner cause you have no real comparison to insult Little Passaic’s Court. Please even Clifton has stretched a traffic ticket out to a cousin for over a year cause the officer was injured and nailed him for 20 over the speed limit on Rt 3. Talking about people that don’t know nothing, you don’t have a clue. Lets even give you a great one I have a warrant for my arrest from Paterson, well not me but someone with my name, no stupid finger prints, no date of birth, no social security, no description of the person. I just share the same name you know that to this date that still pops up on my lookup and how messed up it is to do the fingerprint thing to clear myself and show that it isn’t me and hear that Paterson is handling it, 5 years later. And there are laws against having such a general file on it, funny thing my father has the same name and get the same treatment. SO WHAT DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT PASSAIC? HATE PASSAIC MOVE, YOU MOST LIKELY LIKE IN NY ANYWAY DON”T COME BACK. Then you won’t have to deal with the joke of a court or a stupid cop not showing up, you’ll just deal with it somewhere else and worse.

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