A lesson in luck

6 01 2008

A group of teachers and staff at Morris Knolls High School in Denville have learned a math lesson of a lifetime: It’s possible to beat the odds — and more than once, at that. The co-workers, who call themselves the “Lucky 12,” came forward Friday to claim their share of a $163 million jackpot from the Dec. 18 Mega Millions drawing. Each of them won nearly $3.1 million after taxes. The group is trying to avoid the limelight and has designated a spokeswoman, Gretchen Gannon. In published reports the Morris Hills Regional District superintendent identified the winners as two secretaries and 10 teachers, but wouldn’t give away more than that. Teachers and staff in this school have one lucky lottery pool. This is the second time they hit the jackpot: In 1994, 22 teachers from the school won a $5.9 million Pick 6 lottery jackpot, said Dominick DeMarco, spokesman for the New Jersey Lottery. Denville police also hit the jackpot soon after that, he said. The regional district serves Rockaway Township, Rockaway, Wharton and Denville. “It’s a blessing for them and I wish them well,” said Thomas G. Greulich, president of the Morris Hills Regional Board of Education. He said speculation has run rampant through the district, but he wasn’t aware of any of the winners’ identities Friday night. Greulich said he heard rumors that at least one of the winners from 1994 was part of the recent pool, but the lottery spokesman couldn’t confirm it.  NorthJersey.com




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