Cameras would catch red light violators

8 01 2008


The Legislature has approved a measure allowing municipalities to place cameras at intersections to photograph cars that run red lights, then issue tickets to their drivers.

Under the bill, a municipality would apply to the state Department of Transportation to test a camera at one or more intersections for a five-year period to determine if it improves traffic safety. The cameras would take high-resolution digital pictures of any cars running red lights. After reviewing a photo to verify there was a violation, police would be able to mail a summons to the owner of the vehicle.

Such cameras are used in more than 300 U.S. communities, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “These cameras do save lives,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Joseph Coniglio (D-Bergen).”They do prevent accidents. They do save dollars.”

The Assembly approved the bill today 49-25. When it came up before the Senate, it initially received only 17 votes, but in a second try later this evening it passed 22-1.

The main opposition came from Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) who argued cameras would increase rear end accidents as motorists hit their brakes at yellow lights to avoid being caught in the middle of an intersection. He added, “I don’t want a Big Brother sytstem firing off summonses in the mail. It is not a good public safety issue.” Nj




One response

9 01 2008

big brother is watching.

If that’s the case can we lay off one police officer in each town with the cameras?

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