Lost police submachine mysteriously turns up

22 01 2008


Wayne police have found a rapid-fire submachine gun that had been missing for at least two weeks.

But they won’t say exactly where the nine-millimeter weapon turned up on Monday.

It’s still not known who took the MP5 gun, which can shoot 700 to 900 rounds per minute, or how long it was missing from the department’s arsenal.

But the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department is running tests on the weapon to make sure it wasn’t used in any criminal activity.

Meanwhile, Wayne police and county officials are conducting a criminal investigation to determine how the gun went missing.




2 responses

22 01 2008
a tax payer

Maybe Passaic’s Mayor had it. LOL, just kidding. Oh I forgot he has an officer assigned to him. WHY? To the tune of $80,000. So he doesn’t need a machine gun. Plus a free car, insurance, and gasoline. Nice perk!

2 02 2008
accident compensation claim

I feel the govt should do something to stop all these unnecessary accidents … I dont want to blame these accidents on the govt .. but i think they should really see this matter seriously !

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