Mayor Rivera Pleads Not Guilty

24 01 2008


Passaic Mayor Samuel Rivera, one of 10 public officials caught up in a statewide FBI sting last year, pleaded not guilty to bribery and attempted extortion today.

Rivera, 61, was indicted by a federal grand jury last week for allegedly accepting $5,000 in cash from an insurance brokerage firm in exchange for his help getting contracts. The firm turned out to be a front for the FBI.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you out. I’ll help you out,” Rivera told an undercover FBI informant last year during one secretly recorded conversation, according to the two-count indictment.

During a hearing in federal court in Trenton today, U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson set Rivera’s trial date for March 24. The mayor’s attorney, however, said he would seek a delay until summer.

“We expect to receive the government’s evidence shortly. Without it, we really can’t evaluate the case,” Klingeman said after Rivera’s arraignment. “Mayor Rivera looks forward to his day in court as he continues to run the city of Passaic.”

Rivera faces up to 20 years in prison. Some of his fellow defendants, including former Assemblyman Alfred Steele, have pleaded guilty while others, such as Orange Mayor Mims Hackett, have also vowed to fight the charges.




4 responses

24 01 2008
a tax payer

So Sammy wants to stay in office long enough to collect more “Legal Defense” money. LOL What a joke. He has fleeced this city too long. He sold it for a song!

He’ll stick around long enough to make sure none of his umpteen political appointees (Donor$$$) aren’t laid off. Meanwhile 17 honest hardworking cops are going to be laid off. Ironically the last group of appointees soon to let go are mostly white. Do I detect racial discrimination? I sure do!!! Maybe one or two of them might get a new job at the prison he’s going to. Sic!

How about saving the city $80,000. He doesn’t need a police driver who could be better utilized keeping the streets safe. Not chauffering the mayor around at taxpayer expense in a high end SUV with free gas and insurance.

31 01 2008

>>Meanwhile 17 honest hardworking cops are going to be laid off.

can you please what is going on?

2 08 2008
a passaic resident

someone sound like a hateful cop

20 03 2009
a distant relative

his is bamboozling his family in pr and telling them he got tricked!!! his new wife is dominican about 20 years younger. remember the story where he got into a fight with some man over a girl?? well he married her. The whole family is ghetto!! i can tell u story about samantha,her brother alexis & their mother Tata nasty!!! it surprises me how he got to be mayor!!!

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