New Jersey – Rabbi Issues Warning Against Yeshiva Week Vacation in Florida

24 01 2008


New Jersey – A local Orthodox rabbi has joined colleagues in warning about the high risk behaviors of some students who spend the so-called yeshiva week vacation in Florida.

In advance of yeshiva week, Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler of Ahawas Achim B’nai Jacob and David in West Orange sent an e-mail to synagogue families urging them not to send their children to Florida unsupervised.
“In past years, there has been activity which has been unbecoming of Orthodox Jews, involving abuse of alcohol, drug use, and promiscuous behavior. At times, there have been very tragic results,” wrote Zwickler. “We are obligated as parents to educate our children and keep them safe even if they feel that our actions are not in their best interests. This is a matter of life and death on many levels.”

“I don’t want to sound negative,” Zwickler said. “The bottom line is that parents have to be vigilant. As much as kids want their space and want their parents to stay out, they are still kids and we have to do parenting,”he said. [njjewishnews][vin]




One response

15 03 2008

Dear sir,
Please pray for us and here church I am pastor Joshua from India.

I request you please visit India.

Pastor Joshua

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