Gary Schaer becomes acting Mayor and keep’s 3 other job’s

11 05 2008

Passaic City Council President/Acting Mayor Gary S. Schaer released a statement today in the aftermath of Mayor Samuel Rivera’s departure from office. Rivera re signed at 5 p.m. after earlier in the day pleading guilty to extortion in federal court.

“This is a difficult time for Passaic,” said Schaer. “I am committed, along with my city council colleagues, to restoring confidence to the residents of Passaic and assuring them that the services provided by our municipal government will continue as normal.

“The hard-working residents of Passaic deserve a municipal government that is honest and trustworthy,” he added. “…While I did not seek this position, my role as Council President statutorily requires this service.” Schaer, who said he would receive no additional compensation or benefits as acting mayor, announced that he will be sworn-in during a “private ceremony” performed by the city clerk. He has scheduled a meeting of the city’s department directors for Monday morning. “Together, we will move forward and continue to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in our great city,” Schaer said.




2 responses

16 05 2008

Learn to use apostrophes please!!

keep’s 3 other job’s… LOL

16 05 2008
david goldman

absolutely ridiculous.

where are the council members to object to this

1) Full Time Banker Job
2) Assemblyman
3) Councilman
4) Mayor

Obviously its about POWER nothing else. Quality of work can only continue to diminish. Maybe an hour a week for each Passaic job.

Councilman are very disappointing to allow whatever goes in Passaic.

Useless for Passaic, Useless for NJ

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