20 05 2008

How smart are drivers in AMERICA? Not very, according to the 4th annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test. 33 million licensed Americans would not pass a written drivers exam if taken today and may be unfit for the roads!

But where are the smartest and dumbest drivers?
For the first time ever New Jersey drivers rank as the dumbest. And to throw salt on the wound, they have the lowest average score ever. No score has been below 70% before.

Where are the smartest drivers?          The home of Dorothy and the Jayhawks (Kansas) rises from fifth smartest to smartest in 2008. They just beat out Idaho and Nebraska which rank second and third.





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27 05 2008

This article is perfect for this page, yes I agree that NJ has the dumbest drivers, most of them living in Passaic crying on why can’t I double park to pick up my kid from school. Because it is against the law you dummy, no wonder NJ is considered the dumbest drivers because most of you are to self involved that you think you are entitled to special treatments to violate traffic laws.

Think about that DUMB NJ DRIVERS when you complain that two traffic motorcycle cops give us tickets when we illegally block a road to pick up our kids while we are double parked. You are all DUMB NJ DRIVERS and the article befits you all for complaining about traffic laws being enforced.


28 05 2008

I find this ridiculous. I have lived in florida all my life until I moved to Jersey this past December. People in Florida are ten times worse when it comes to driving! I don’t have nearly the same amount of problems on the road here in Jersey as I did in Florida!

16 09 2008

Moe, such language young man??? I think a moderator should ban such words…….

23 09 2008
John Ryder

I agree, and it is clear that most NJ drivers either don`t know how or don`t care how to negotiate a traffic circle. It seems the concept of right of way is totally unknown to them. I recently saw a woman entering a traffic circle applying makeup, talking on a cell phone while steering with her elbows.

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