Passaic Police Harass The Jewish Community On Friday Afternoon’s

25 07 2008

Attention all Passaic resident’s

           It has been brought to our attention that at least the last 2 Friday afternoons the Passaic Police Dept has been out full force on Brook Ave and Main Ave. They have set up a check point with approximately 10 police officer’s. As our PCJN reporter passed by there were 4 cars pulled over all of whom were Orthodox Jews. We at PCJN are going to try to contact the Passaic Police Dept. for comment. And the Acting Mayor Gary Schaer.



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27 07 2008
Are you kidding?

This is not harassment it is enforcement of the law. What about the two weeks this was done in the “downtown area” of Passaic? Was that Harassment? By the way, I only saw 6 last week and 4 this week so that may add up to ten but there was never 10 at once. Get the facts straight. Further, if you do not break the law you do not get stopped. My three are in their car seats.

31 07 2008

Only 1 negative comment allowed??

5 08 2008
david goldman

WE are NOT above the law.
WE are subject to the same laws as the rest of the town.
It is YOU people who keep this town divided!!

8 08 2008

BREAKING NEWS!!! COPS HARASSING HISPANICS!! Well its another Friday and I was driving down Main ave at Madison st, and saw 4, YEAH 4 cops with 4, YEAH 4 cars stopped all with Hispanic women in them, for not having their children properly seated in car or booster seats!!! O the nerve of these cops trying to save kids lives!!!!!! BTW very well said David!

22 08 2008
Not Surprised

Maybe the Orthodox Jews that were stopped were actually BREAKING THE LAW – speeding, talking on a cellphone, etc. They should set up checkpoints by the exit to the Yeshiva Ktana Boys building to ticket everyone who makes a left turn, even though there are several signs that say NO LEFT TURN. The City would earn tons of revenue. But there would still be those who cry anti-semitism.

9 09 2008
Too Many on the Payroll

They clearly have nothing better to do. The police department is full of Rivera cronies with a bloated budget. You need to lay a bunch of them off. Secondly, their seargents need to follow the law themselves and learn how to treat the taxpayers of Passaic with some respect.

9 09 2008

Nothing better to do? Protecting a child thats not safely secured in a car or booster seat from serious injury or death?

21 09 2008

OK lets get for real I recall when Passaic had the Police Aux and I was on it. I pulled over a gentleman that was blew through a light which propmted me to go after him and then blew two “STOP” signs.

Funny thing the gentleman was Jewish which I was able to tell from the traditional headwear he was wearing, wife in back seat and kids crying and screaming in the back with no seat belt or booster seat.

I asked him what the rush was and he answered my baby, my baby. I assumed at that moment it was a broblem with the kid in the back. I asked if he was sick and if he was I will take the mother and baby in my police car since we were only two blocks away and I was an EMT.

No he was speeding home blowing through STOP signs and RED LIGHTS because his kid was crying and screaming.

WOW, so when I proceeded to ticket him I had a complete chuckle when he try to say in court that I was I guess suffering from some prejudice against him and his religion. Bottom line he ate the summons because my record was true and I wouldn’t cut him a break because my record was on the money, I have ticketed my own family members for being stupid.

What pisses me off is this if anybody is being wronged in the this city, it is the people on the East Side because I recall being assigned to the West Side (The Park Side) and when I tried to enforce the meters there a prompt call was made and I was moved to the East Side where how would you say it, David Goldman, “YOU people” live.

I am sorry it is time that laws are enforced on both sides of the city, no special treatments like the parking enforcement had to many people call out sick, lets make sure they tow all the cars on the East Side of town but since lack of personell we’ll cut the West Side a break like always. When I did parking enforcement I proved their are more street cleaning violations on the West Side of town than on the east side.

So to the people on the EAST SIDE also referred to as “YOU people” by David Goldman Do as the the people of David Goldman pull a race care since the religion card won’t work for but when you do it. Do it in force cause I have always been tired of the bull this city has done in enforcement the whole time.

For example: Post 9/11 Houses of Worship were being watched for a while because the community felt unsafe with what happen. I’ll give you one guess which houses of worship had deicated cars with them but which ones had the roving police unit watching them. Funny thing officers were even kept on over time for these paticular Houeses of Worship.

Lets just say this for one police car to be assigned to all Baptist, Catholic, Christian and what ever else there was out, only one car to check them. But Synagogues were given deicated cars to stay in front of them. David Goldman you can say “YOU people” all you want, but that comment is a little on the prejudice side don’t you think? Also please don’t say I am antisemitic because I pulled the City’s card and yours publicly.

I said it before, I think being one of those “YOU people” (like David Goldman said) my Constitutional rights of equal protection of the law are being violated in the City of Passaic. I think us “YOU people” need to uprise and start complaining as one, if I do recall there is a lot more of us “YOU people” in Passaic than them.

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