Passaic Police Ticket Cars Out Side Shul

27 07 2008

The Passaic Police Dept. this morning was out this morning at approximately 8am ticketing cars outside of the Ahavas Israel. In recent days the Passaic Police Dept. has been giving out a lot of ticket’s in the Passaic Park area. It might have something to do with our “Mayor”. All residents should be aware you may not park with in 50 feet of a stop sign or with in 25 feet of any corner or cross walk. Please be advised it does not matter if it is marked or not. Also all ways remember to wear your seat belts. PCJN




One response

1 08 2008

the bottom line is the bottom line, passaic needs money and relies on over 200,000 in fines per year. money needs to be raised to pay for all the rivera/schaer/capuana/holster jobs given away over the past 6 years. the job mill is still open for business, plenty of jobs are avaialable. each department is top heavy and bottom heavy

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