Record Number of Jewish Ambulances in Passaic on Sunday!

28 07 2008
File photo of a Hatzolah Ambulance in Passaic

File photo of a Hatzolah Ambulance in Passaic

Passaic, NJ – Sunday evening between 6:30 and 6:45 pm, a record number of Jewish ambulances were spotted in Passaic.

And here is the rundown (can I have a drumroll please):

1 Hatzolah of North Jersey ambulance driving down Bond Street.

2 Hatzolah of North Jersey ambulances parked on Reid Avenue (facing in the appropriate directions!).

1 Hatzolah of Passaic / Clifton EMS ambulance parked on the corner of Brook Avenue and Dakota Street (probably distant enough from the corner to avoid ticket-hungry and possibly tape-measure-toting cops).

1 Rutherford Volunteer Ambulance parked in the bus stop (yes, illegally, as all ambulances except ones with Hebrew lettering can do in Passaic) across from the kosher pizzeria on Main Avenue. (Jewish volunteers deserve pizza too.)

1 Pulse Medical Transportation ambulance (marked “SCTU”) driving down Van Houten Avenue in Passaic, with two yarmulka-wearing EMTs inside.

1 Pulse Medical Transportation ambulance (not marked “SCTU”) driving down Main Avenue in Passaic, with one yarmulka-wearing EMT inside.

Get the world records book people on the line! Now Passaic can boast of not only holding the (dubious) record for the town with the most Hatzolah organizations (2), but also of the most Jewish-operated ambulances at one time within a 6 block radius!

In related news, while parked on Main Avenue, someone was overheard asking the driver of the Rutherford ambulance if they were the third Hatzolah in town! PCJN Staff




4 responses

28 07 2008
Rutherford EMS

Aren’t Benjy, Eli, and Moe starting a third Hatzolah in Passaic?

29 07 2008
Its Funny

Its a very nice article, im glad to hear so many frum people doing chesed.

31 07 2008

I guess this site also limits negetive responses also??

19 10 2008

I don’t understand, why was this so news worthy, or was it poking fun?

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