Will Gary Schaer really run for Mayor this coming November?

28 07 2008

Acting Mayor And Assemblyman Gary Schaer

Editor’s Note  We at PCJN believe that Acting Mayor and Assemblyman Gary Schaer has to much to lose to run for Mayor in November. If Gary Schaer would run for Mayor, and win he would only be Mayor for several months, and have to give up his Assembly seat. If he gives up his Assembly seat and lose the Mayor Race next year he is pretty much out of politics’s.

 Why would Gary Schaer pretend to run for Mayor?  Gary Schaer would pretend to run for Mayor to build him self up for the Mayor election next year in 2009.

Also interesting to note that Gary Schaer may try to put a weak Mayor in, this way he can run for Mayor next year and win the Mayoral seat easily.  PCJN Exclusive




One response

5 11 2008

Excellent foresight in July to what is to happen May 2009. A weak Mayor was put in and will be the puppet for 6 months with Mr. Schaer holding the strings. …………He will have the Latino vote and some of our communities vote…. What is his agenda I ask? What makes the Mayoral seat in Passaic so sought after? A town that has so much potential to be amazing…………

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