Police subdue man with two machetes and Police Officer in Passaic gets hit.

4 08 2008

A police officer convinced a man waving two machetes to put both weapons down and surrender following a brief chase, authorities said today.

“These officers did an outstanding job — they showed a lot of restraint,”  said West Milford Police Chief Paul Costello.

Police received a call around 7:30 last night from a family member who said Erich Bujese, 43, of Otterhole Road, was threatening to harm himself and other family members.

Costello said his department alerted nearby towns and Bujese’s 1997 Ford Ranger pickup was spotted heading toward West Milford by Greenwood Lake, N.Y., police.

West Milford Officer Jill Brickman tried to pull Bujese over on Lakeside Road, but he kept driving toward Ringwood, police said.

Officers pursued Bujese until he pulled into a boat launch area for Monksville Reservoir and got out of the truck holding both machetes, each with an 18-inch blade.

“Officer Joseph Nevin was able to persuade Mr. Bujese to put down the machetes and hand over his driver’s license,” Costello said. “When he put down the machetes to get his license, he was subdued by the officers.”

Bujese was brought to St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic for observation.

There, Costello reported, Bujese took a swing at and hit Officer Greg Post Jr., who didn’t require treatment.

Bujese is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, driving under the influence, eluding police officers, menacing and threatening a police officer, resisting arrest, and a list of motor vehicle infractions. He is being held at the Passaic County Jail on $50,000 bail.




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