THE KOSHER PHONE: The Yeshivas want them. Does your child have one?

13 08 2008

423 KINGSTON AVENUE – 718-363-5444 (brooklyn N.Y.)
(We also ship anywhere in the continental US.)

Finally, a Phone that is Kosher enough for you and your family!

Many Yeshivas are taking cautionary measures to ensure their students stay in Yeshiva is safeguarded from outside disturbances. Parents are encouraged to ensure their children only carry the Kosher Phone to eliminate the use of the internet and messaging. Various Yeshivas are implementing a KOSHER PHONE ONLY POLICY so check with your child’s school before the school year begins.

The Kosher Phone has competitive plans to choose from including Family Plans, and a free phone is provided with all two year activations. Additional discounts are available for students. At “One Hour Cellular” we are committed to serving the needs of the community. Stop in or call for more information on the “Kosher Phone.” Take control of your child’s cell phone experience.

Wishing you a very healthy and safe summer, we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

We at PCJN highly recommend this phone for the safety of your children’s neshamas. Also note this is not a paid advertisement.          News Source




2 responses

12 09 2008
Mindy Fried

Any of these phones work with AT&T?

26 04 2012

there kosher phones on Verizon Network it works very good you can call at 1866-444-5404

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