PassaicJews Moderator’s Car Towed in Passaic – Newborn Infant Stranded

12 09 2008

Full letter with links to photos can be found at the end of this post.

Passaic, NJ — Forget to move your car for alternate side parking in Brooklyn, Newark, Monsey or Clifton – you will pay a moderate fine.

Forget to move your car in Passaic – you will pay a fine, have your car towed, run around Passaic for half-a-day, get the run-around at the police station, then pay towing and storage charges.

File photo of a car being towed.

File photo of a car being towed.

Recently, the moderator of, a popular yahoo group with the Passaic Jewish community, had his car towed as it was parked outside a pediatricians office in Passaic, stranding his mother with his newborn baby. Their crime? Failing to notice an alternate side parking sign 200 feet down the street.

As the moderator of PassaicJews, Michael Feigin was able to immediately post an urgent message on PassaicJews and secured a ride for his mother and newborn daughter. However, Mr. Feigin questions what someone without access to the resources he had would have done.

About a year ago, the Passaic community was up in arms about the alternate side towing, and tried to get the policy changed, without any success. At that time, this reporter was present when Passaic City Councilman Chaim Munk was asked what it would take to stop alternate side parking in Passaic.  Councilman Munk’s exact answer was: “when (then mayor) Sammy Rivera stops taking bribes from Raineri’s.”

So we ask the obvious question: Does Counciman Munk’s previous quote mean that the towing will stop when current Acting Mayor Gary Schaer “stops taking bribes from Raineri’s?”

Maybe this incident and this article will cause Acting Mayor Gary Schaer to stop the outrageous towings in Passaic. Dare we hope?

The letter from the PassaicJews moderator, as posted on

Dear PassaicJews members,

Yesterday, my mother borrowed my van with the car seat to take my newborn baby to the doctor. She parked on Pennington Ave in front of a sign that said not to park when it’s snow covered. She is from out of town and didn’t realize she had to walk all the way to the other end of the block to look at a second sign, facing the other direction, which looked identical to the first sign, to realize that it said it was street cleaning day.

The visit took five minutes. Yet, when she came out, the car was gone. My new baby daughter was stranded without a car seat while her mother was busy trying to recover from surgery.

While I have the ability to post my urgent messages directly to hundreds of subscribers on PassaicJews and my baby was soon brought home by a very generous person with a car seat, what if someone doesn’t have these resources?

To make matters worse, when I finally was able to secure another car and go to city hall, I specifically asked a police officer if I could park on a street where the signage was unclear (covered in stickers). He told me, “Well, the sign says no parking, but we really don’t enforce it around here. You’re on your own.” Just in case, I found another parking spot… but as I drove around I saw cars of city employees parked:
– in front of fire hydrants
– in front of crosswalks
– in front of driveways
– in front of within 25 feet of corners

Pictures of all of this with license plates of offenders are online at:

If you have trouble with the link, go to and click on “Yahoo Message Group” and then “Files” and then “Selective_Enforcement_In_Town” and then each individual picture.

… and don’t try and get your car back too quickly. The city won’t have the tow report! Missing a document? Go figure out where your car was towed to, get the document, and come back again. Driving someone else’s car? Better have them come to Passaic!

The towing of first time offenders, selective enforcement, and corruption in Passaic must be put to an end.

– Michael J. Feigin, Esq.
Patent and Trademark Attorney,


Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman – Miracle Worker?

2 09 2008

Rabbi Eisenman promises that in exchange for a donation as low as 36 dollars, you and your children will never get divorced.

Photo Removed As Per Request of Photographer To See Photo Click Here
Passaic, NJ — Is Rabbi Eisenman a miracle worker?

Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman, Rabbi of Congregation Ahavas Israel in Passaic Park, New Jersey, sends out a daily email called “The Short Vort (word).” These daily emails began as short Divrei Torah (words of Torah study), but have slowly evolved to include random topics.

As of late, “The Short Vort” emails have been getting frequently more colorful, containing stories about a meeting he had with a runaway Chinese Olympic athlete, run-ins with non-jews who immediately recognise his greatness, and jokes about his congregants and people from the Passaic Jewish community.

Monday’s email, though, has people scratching their heads as they wonder if Rabbi Eisenman can deliver what he promises. In the email, which reads like an advertisement for sponsorships of a lecture on the intricacies of the Get (Jewish divorce) process, Rabbi Eisenman claims that: “Who ever [sic] helps Sponsor this event supports Torah and guarantees their own Shalom Bayis (peace at home).” and “Whoever sponsors the event, will insure for themselves and their children that they will never have to be involved in a Get (divorce).”

A Passaic congregational rabbi, interviewed on condition of anonymity said: “it’s apparent that Rabbi Eisenman believes that he is a ba’al mofes (miracle worker) and a tzaddik (saint).”

Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman, a Yeshiva University ordained Rabbi, has in the past few years totally changed his mode of dress from his once modern-orthodox look. Once a nondescript rabbi with a short beard, Rabbi Eisenman now wears a long, wide beard, long peyis (side-locks), shaves his head, wears a long black coat and wide-brimmed black hat – both typical of residents of Bnei Brak, Israel, and wears extra-long tzitzis (four cornered garment with fringes) that reach the floor in the style of the “Malochim” sect. Since his eldest son’s wedding, he has also worn a gartel (prayer belt typical of Chassidim), despite that he used to deride the custom of wearing one. Rabbi Eisenman has also been hosting a Chassidish-style “tish” on Friday nights, which he attends wearing a bekitche (black shiny robe) typical of Chassidim.

Only time will tell if Rabbi Eisenman really has the power to prevent divorces, but if he does, the question would be why he has not prevented the many divorces his synagogue is plagued with.

But hey, at 36 dollars it’s certainly worth a shot!

Full text of the email here:

From: R. Y. Eisenman (
To: **********@******.com
Date: Monday, September 1, 2008 5:38 PM
Subject: Great News!


As many of you know- the Daf Yomi is learning Massechta Gittin which deals with the Get – Divorce- process.

In Order to Make the Learning More Practical and In My Continuing Effort to Deliver Qualified and Top Notch Shiurim to The Entire Kehilla

I am proud and excited to announce that on Sunday Morning September 14th at 10:15 am, Rabbi Chaim Jachter, a World Renowned Expert on the Get Process will be delivering a Shiur/Lecture on the Get Process in Jewish Law.

Rabbi Jachter will discuss all of the controversial issues of practical Get Issues for one hour and then the floor will be open for your questions.

In Order to Facilitate this Wonderful Event, I need your Help!

Who ever helps Sponsor this event supports Torah and guarantees their own Shalom Bayis.
Whoever sponsors the event, will insure for themselves and their children that they will never have to be involved in a Get.

Never A Get Total Sponsor- $500
Never a Get Big Sponsor- $360
Never A Get – Helper Sponsor- $180
Never A Get – Medium Sponsor –$100
Never A Get — Little Sponsor– $50
Never A Get — Honorable Mention $36

Please mark your calendars and please contact me to reserve your sponsorship of this exciting event!!!

Rabbi Jachter serves as a Dayan on the Beth Din of Elizabeth and has acquired an international reputation of excellence in the area of Get administration.

He is a popular and highly regarded teacher at the Torah Academy of Bergen County and has authored two highly acclaimed volumes of Gray Matter which discuss contemporary Halachic issues of major importance (a third volume is expected to be published this coming year).

Rabbi Jachter lectures throughout North America on subjects of vital concern to the Jewish community.

Rabbi Jachter is married to Malca and they reside in Teaneck with their four (and iy”h soon to be five) children.

Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Rav, Kehillas Ahavas Yisrael
Congregation Ahavas Israel
181 Van Houten Avenue
Passaic, NJ 07055

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