Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman – Miracle Worker?

2 09 2008

Rabbi Eisenman promises that in exchange for a donation as low as 36 dollars, you and your children will never get divorced.

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Passaic, NJ — Is Rabbi Eisenman a miracle worker?

Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman, Rabbi of Congregation Ahavas Israel in Passaic Park, New Jersey, sends out a daily email called “The Short Vort (word).” These daily emails began as short Divrei Torah (words of Torah study), but have slowly evolved to include random topics.

As of late, “The Short Vort” emails have been getting frequently more colorful, containing stories about a meeting he had with a runaway Chinese Olympic athlete, run-ins with non-jews who immediately recognise his greatness, and jokes about his congregants and people from the Passaic Jewish community.

Monday’s email, though, has people scratching their heads as they wonder if Rabbi Eisenman can deliver what he promises. In the email, which reads like an advertisement for sponsorships of a lecture on the intricacies of the Get (Jewish divorce) process, Rabbi Eisenman claims that: “Who ever [sic] helps Sponsor this event supports Torah and guarantees their own Shalom Bayis (peace at home).” and “Whoever sponsors the event, will insure for themselves and their children that they will never have to be involved in a Get (divorce).”

A Passaic congregational rabbi, interviewed on condition of anonymity said: “it’s apparent that Rabbi Eisenman believes that he is a ba’al mofes (miracle worker) and a tzaddik (saint).”

Rabbi Ron Y. Eisenman, a Yeshiva University ordained Rabbi, has in the past few years totally changed his mode of dress from his once modern-orthodox look. Once a nondescript rabbi with a short beard, Rabbi Eisenman now wears a long, wide beard, long peyis (side-locks), shaves his head, wears a long black coat and wide-brimmed black hat – both typical of residents of Bnei Brak, Israel, and wears extra-long tzitzis (four cornered garment with fringes) that reach the floor in the style of the “Malochim” sect. Since his eldest son’s wedding, he has also worn a gartel (prayer belt typical of Chassidim), despite that he used to deride the custom of wearing one. Rabbi Eisenman has also been hosting a Chassidish-style “tish” on Friday nights, which he attends wearing a bekitche (black shiny robe) typical of Chassidim.

Only time will tell if Rabbi Eisenman really has the power to prevent divorces, but if he does, the question would be why he has not prevented the many divorces his synagogue is plagued with.

But hey, at 36 dollars it’s certainly worth a shot!

Full text of the email here:

From: R. Y. Eisenman (rabbi@ahavasisrael.org)
To: **********@******.com
Date: Monday, September 1, 2008 5:38 PM
Subject: Great News!


As many of you know- the Daf Yomi is learning Massechta Gittin which deals with the Get – Divorce- process.

In Order to Make the Learning More Practical and In My Continuing Effort to Deliver Qualified and Top Notch Shiurim to The Entire Kehilla

I am proud and excited to announce that on Sunday Morning September 14th at 10:15 am, Rabbi Chaim Jachter, a World Renowned Expert on the Get Process will be delivering a Shiur/Lecture on the Get Process in Jewish Law.

Rabbi Jachter will discuss all of the controversial issues of practical Get Issues for one hour and then the floor will be open for your questions.

In Order to Facilitate this Wonderful Event, I need your Help!

Who ever helps Sponsor this event supports Torah and guarantees their own Shalom Bayis.
Whoever sponsors the event, will insure for themselves and their children that they will never have to be involved in a Get.

Never A Get Total Sponsor- $500
Never a Get Big Sponsor- $360
Never A Get – Helper Sponsor- $180
Never A Get – Medium Sponsor –$100
Never A Get — Little Sponsor– $50
Never A Get — Honorable Mention $36

Please mark your calendars and please contact me to reserve your sponsorship of this exciting event!!!

Rabbi Jachter serves as a Dayan on the Beth Din of Elizabeth and has acquired an international reputation of excellence in the area of Get administration.

He is a popular and highly regarded teacher at the Torah Academy of Bergen County and has authored two highly acclaimed volumes of Gray Matter which discuss contemporary Halachic issues of major importance (a third volume is expected to be published this coming year).

Rabbi Jachter lectures throughout North America on subjects of vital concern to the Jewish community.

Rabbi Jachter is married to Malca and they reside in Teaneck with their four (and iy”h soon to be five) children.

Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Rav, Kehillas Ahavas Yisrael
Congregation Ahavas Israel
181 Van Houten Avenue
Passaic, NJ 07055

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Congregation Ahavas Israel
181 Van Houten Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055



21 responses

3 09 2008

It’s disappointing that this website needs to resort to sensationalist reporting to attract readers.

This post crosses the line.

4 09 2008

That you didn’t post my comment, I’m not surprised, your lack of journalistic integrity was evident from the post.

7 09 2008
Truth Be Told

A message to Jews loyal to authentic Torah: Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled by the modern Orthodox feminist ideologies prevalent in Passaic and other communities.

It is well known that the anti-halachic and pro-feminist policies of many RCA/YU rabbis like Eisenman are promoting the breakup of Orthodox Jewish families.

Many of these politically correct “rabbis” are aiding and abetting women who are MOSRIM (ie using civil courts in violation of HALACHA). Meanwhile the PC rabbis are harassing and slandering decent husbands to give GITTIN when they are not CHAYEV L’GARESH. Many decent Jewish men are being robbed of their assets and jailed by civil courts, and then prevented from seeing their children.

Much of the anti-male harassment is being done under a bogus halachic banner of HARCHAKA D’RABBEINU TAM (HDRT). The Jewish public is not being told by the RCA feminists that the greatest halachic authorities prohibit HDRT. Even if it was allowed, HDRT would only permit withholding favors to the husband, and would never permit the vicious harassment practiced by the modern Orthodox feminists, such as pressuring the husband’s employer to fire him, pressuring his landlord to evict him, public slander and humiliation, etc.

for an article exposing Chaim Jachter’s erroneous halachic statements.

Also see
for a report of how an “agunah” organization (probably endorsed by Jachter) harassed a Chareidi Talmid Chacham who defends halacha.

10 09 2008

he does not say he guarentees that your children he says that if you do give $36 that ensures that yor children will not get divoreced he is just stating halacha

11 09 2008

You have to be Menachem Lowey.

18 09 2008
The Real Truth

“Many decent Jewish men are being robbed of their assets and jailed by civil courts, and then prevented from seeing their children.”

Decent Jewh men do not make the contiued persecution of thier wives thier life work.

This is just one guy’s opinion, but from what I’ve seen, most of these nuts have some pretty deep ‘issues’.

My guess about the poor slob who wrote the previous comment: He is probably is a closet homosexual who hoped marraige would protect him from the well known anti-gay bias of his fellowOrthodox Jews. When He must have counted on his wife being stuck with him (and a couple of kids by the time his wife finally figured it out.

Keeping her ‘married’ to him by force relieves him of the stressful situation of finding believable excuses for his disinterest in remarrying.

From what I’ve heard we have one of these little limp-wristed creeps right here in good Passaic and Rabbi Eisenman has been devoting much time and effort into helping the poor bastard’s victim.

It would not surprise me one bit if that is who posted the lunacy above.

Well, I suppose if you can’t keep your wife happy you have to keep her by fore instead.

27 05 2010

You say you know menachem lowy from when he was becoming frum. I’d like to talk to you

19 09 2008

According to the b’din tzedek of monsey the gets this man gives are questionable. he is known to force divorces or coerce men into givng gets. how can a man who causes divorces make such a prmise?

12 10 2008
The Real Truth

His helping women get divorces from men who really shouldn’t be allowed to marry in the first place is not the issue here.

How can any man make these promises?

As much as we can admire his work on behalf of abused women I still find it hard to believe he wrote this stuff.

30 10 2008
Truth Be Told

“The Real Truth”: Real Gadolim and Torah rabbis, unlike certain feminist Passaic “rabbis” and their “baal tshuvah” cultist followers, are protesting vehemently against the current rampant MESIRAH, GET MEOSO, jailings of fathers, destruction of families, etc.

When authentic and urgent issues such as MESIRAH, GET MEOSO, fathers denied access to their children, etc. are discussed by Torah Jews, note how the Passaic modern (non) Orthodox feminists such as “the Real Truth” can only respond with pathetic defamation – “nuts, poor slob, homosexual, creeps” etc. Not an iota of intellectual Torah based response.

“the Real Truth” types can never discuss these issues intelligently because they lack the intellectual honesty to do so, and because their charlatan “rabbis”, dressed up in Chassidic rebbe costumes, never teach these issues openly and honestly.

Teaching these issues openly and honestly would highlight the great contradiction between feminism and Judaism, it would expose the “Orthodox feminists” as frauds, and it would drive the Passaic cultists into a frenzy.

30 10 2008
The Real Truth

Neboch. Poor baby. Beaten up by the feminists females. Well, at least you’ve stopped blaming all your problems on Indians and Pakistanis and the US visa system.

I’d bother to debate you but knowing you for as long as I do I know you can hardly read Hebrew but you think you know more than 99% of the rabbonim is the world, especially those who know you and think you are a lunatic. (Not surprising, considering that before you were frum you also thought you knew better than anyone else and no one cried when you packed out to become a ba’al teshuvah especially none of the women.)

Maybe you forgot where we heard this together but I haven’t: Debating with a lunatic is the greatest sign of lunacy. Feeling sorry for lunatics is the greatest sign of humanity.

Speaking of Ba’alai teshuva though, I find it amazing that one such as yourself who can’t get learn mishnah berurah, not to mention a blatt gemorah, have the nerve to offer halachic opinions and to make fun of Ba’al Teshuvah cults. I thought you would have stopped that once you joined one. Or did they finally show you the door as has every shul in town? (Wait, let me guess: Every rabbi from right to left in Passic has been bought off or scared away by the females you are so afraid of yourself, right?)

Did you become frum just to find a wonderful woman to abuse? Or was it because you hate women (I won’t get into why you became this way because children might read this blog) and you thought that frum shuls had mechitzas because we hate them too?

30 10 2008
The Real Truth

The Lunatic wrote:

“Real Gadolim and Torah rabbis, unlike certain feminist Passaic “rabbis” and their “baal tshuvah” cultist followers, are protesting vehemently against the current rampant MESIRAH, GET MEOSO, jailings of fathers, destruction of families, etc.”

Care to tell the rest of us where your ‘real gedolim and torah rabbis’ are doing all this ‘vehement protesting’???

While you are at it, perhaps you’d be kind enough to share with us the identity of these ‘real gedolim and torah rabbis’ ? Wait, let me take another wild guess here: None of them are the gedolim and rabbonim that the FFB’s amongst us consider to be gedolim and rabbonim. And most of even those we agree are gedolim amongst the rabbonim agree with you but are all afraid to speak up because there are wicked women with rolling pins hiding behind every rock and tree, just waiting to attack them if they dare speak out.

NEWS FLASH for you: Just because you are so afraid of anything and everything in a skirt doesn’t mean the rest of us suffer from the same problem.

6 11 2008
Eliezer Blejer

The picture of Rabbi Eisenman that I took its coyrighted by my studio and I don’t wish to be used in this article against Rabbi Eisenman. Please remove the picture and the link.
Eliezer Blejer

[Editor’s note: Removed.]

18 04 2010
Passaic Resident

Given what the rabbi is trying to do to you and your family, you are truly a great man.

17 11 2008

As someone who’s had dealings with Eisenmann over the years, I can only say: “Beware of wolves dressed in sheeps’ clothing!”

18 04 2010
Passaic Resident

Did you hear what the wolf is trying to do now?

26 09 2011

Do you mean trying to destroy a family in town? I sure did!

10 12 2008
The Real Truth

As someone who has had dealings with Rabbi Eisenman for many years I can only say: “Beware of Annonymous Bloggers spreading hatred against a true osaik betzorchai tzibur be’emunah”.

18 04 2010
Passaic Resident

sometimes the yetzer horah comes dressed as a chassid.

1 05 2010

Truth be told one of the first posters here is 100% correct about Rabbi’s who abuse other men. I’m sure if you gave Rabbi Eisenman enough money he wouldn’t be so quick to force a divorce so like anything else this comment Rabbi Eisenman made should make women wake up that this man is a phony. If you give him enough money ten or even hundreds of thousands of dollars as a bribe he will not ask you to get a divorce even if you are committing adultry or really doing something that is wrong and divorce is appropriate but willl continue to pick on middle and lower class men.

It is a fact most of men who are most persecuted by Rabbi’s are middle and lower class man who don’t worship Rabbi’s as they see them as men just as they are.

It looks good on the Rabbi’s resume to do this. If you give a Rabbi hundred’s of thousands of dollars I’m sure if the woman wanted a divorce the Rabbi would not go along and woud threaten the woman. So in a certain way he likely isn’t lying Rabb Eisenman. You give him enough money you will never have to give a divorce although of course while divorce is never good and of course there is a time and place for a divorce. THe man not being able to give the woman fancy jewlery because he doesn’t have the money and the women being unhappy about it and wanting a divorce is not a legit reason. Especially in this recession when many are struggling.

This false claim this Rabbi is making though should clearly spell out that he is a phony and he is only hiding behind women for his own power grab which is nothing new under the son. Rabbi’s are threatened by other men who actually create and work for a living in an honest way and provide a service to others. All some Rabbi’s know how to do impress women is falsely attack men that don’t have a bully pulpit or much money to defend themselves from vicious accusations.

There have always been men that are afraid of competition from other men and hide behind protecting women to abuse other men. Usually it is because they are very corrupt and are afraid of other men who actually have morals and put morals before money .

As someone who has lived in Passaic for 6 years now (and rarely go to synogague there) what was said by Truth be told is 100% true.

The community attracts very few single men. The reason is so obvious as many of the men are treated like dirt and some women have even written there are no men in Passaic to date. So that is great for Rabbi Eisenmann that he can control the women as they have no other male influences.

Also it really is something to these people that protecting men from false charges is being gay. Homosexuality is a man sleeping with a man. In fact I suspect the one making this charge has a disorderly love of women and his own love of women will make him hurt other men to make some immoral women happy. That is not love of women based on G-dliness as love towards women has it’s limits like anything else. Just go back to the first story of Adam and Eve that Adam ate from the apple when Eve told him even though G-d told him not to. He could have said “Well Eve didn’t G-d tell us not to.” But he went along and then blamed his wife which G-d didn’t say “Great you did what your wife told you”. Like anything else if love of women takes priority over love of G-d that is a love based on your heart and lust and nothing else and the torah warns not to follow your eyes and heart.

21 05 2010
Passaic Jew

Rabbi Eisenman has caused a number of divorces and untold shalom bayis issues with his “counciling.” He has no training to council, and his methods exacerbate the problems.

For instance, a couplei is married for many years, and the wife complains about about certain minor issues, such as the husband doesn’t help with the dishes or the laundry. So in front of the wife, Rabbi Eisenman will tell the husband that he is wrong and must do the dishes and help with the laundry.

The next time the husband doesn’t do the dishes, the wife turns it into a major issue, since the Rabbi said he MUST. This actually led to serious shalom bayis issues, and almost ended in divorce, CH”V!!!

Or in the case of an overweight man he told must lose weight within 6 months. When he didn’t they got divorced.

These sound like small foolish examples, but they are representative of how he takes a molehill and turns it into a mountain, eventually causing serious issues.

One can’t expect a man married for 30 years to suddenly change his habits. And one definitely should not tell him he MUST do so in front of the wife!

These are two of the many cases I am personally aware of with Rabbi Eisenman.

I am not jealous of his portion in the next world.

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